The Foul-Mouthed Greek Coach Who Failed To Lead The U.S. To Soccer Glory

Germany smashed Greece, 4-2, in Euro 2012 last Friday. There would be no revenge for the not-austere-enough nation. On this week's excerpt from Slate's Hang Up and Listen podcast, genuine Greek Stefan Fatsis explores the team's tortured history (and the US's!) through Alketas Panagoulias, who recently died. » 6/29/12 1:50pm 6/29/12 1:50pm

Arnold Palmer And The Golfin' Dolphin Might Be The Best Golf Book Ever…

There were a few Arnold Palmer threads during this weekend's U.S. Open that sparked the mind of Slate's Josh Levin. So he was reminded of Arnold Palmer and the Golfin' Dolphin, P. Bryon Polakoff's 1984 masterpiece. Thank the lord. Listen up and learn how dolphins golf, and more, on this week's excerpt from the Hang… » 6/20/12 2:35pm 6/20/12 2:35pm

What Is The Worst Boxing Decision Of All Time?

After the Pacquiao-Bradley debacle on Saturday night, in which the stats said Pac-Man landed 94 more blows than Bradley did, Josh Levin endeavored to find the worst statistical decision in the Compubox era. The numbers in Roy Jones, Jr.'s screwjob in Seoul don't even compare to Dorsey-Paez I in February 1990. Learn… » 6/13/12 5:50pm 6/13/12 5:50pm

Inside The Great, Freaky Sport Of Cup-Stacking

Jeff Van Gundy joked while broadcasting this week about cup-stacking. He said he could have had a future in it. Little did he know, though, what it demanded of its competitors. Stefan Fatsis, on this week's excerpt from Slate's Hang Up and Listen podcast, explains all the terrifying details, with video. » 6/08/12 1:40pm 6/08/12 1:40pm

Men's Field Hockey Has The Olympics' Best Blood Feud

Men's field hockey, as Stefan Fatsis explains on this week's excerpt from Slate's Hang Up and Listen podcast, will be one hell of a trip in the 2012 Olympics, even though the USA isn't playing. » 6/01/12 11:30am 6/01/12 11:30am