Harry Kane Scores In His International Debut, Is Soon To Be Crowned King

All week leading up to today's England-Lithuania Euro 2016 Qualifier, the only thing anyone could talk about was Harry Kane. Will he start? Should he start? Where will he play? How do we make more of him? Coming into the match, you'd have thought the season's Premier League breakout star would get elected Prime… » 3/27/15 5:33pm 3/27/15 5:33pm

For Some Guys, Lithuania Is The Promised Land

In the NBA, Tyrone Nesby is probably best known for being the crazy guy on Michael Jordan-led Washington Wizards team that was terrible, dysfunctional, and sad. His career, though, took him on a journey to Lithuania... and one small change of scenery was all Tyrone Nesby, roleplayer, needed to become T-Nes, balla… » 10/22/06 4:34pm 10/22/06 4:34pm