Why Is Making The NBA For Rich Kids? Ask Seth Stephens-Davidowitz Here

It's far easier to make it to the NBA if you're born in a richer part of the country, and to a more stable family. Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, whose article in the New York Times was based on data from the US Census data and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will be here to chat about it at 3PM EST. Leave… »11/05/13 2:34pm11/05/13 2:34pm

Come Chat Live With Former NFL Running Back Ricky Williams

We're pleased to be joined now by Ricky Williams, the former Heisman Trophy winner who spent 11 seasons in the NFL with the Saints, Dolphins, and Ravens. He's now the running backs coach at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, and he's down in the discussion awaiting your questions, so go nuts and ask… »11/05/13 12:44pm11/05/13 12:44pm

Got Questions About Gambling And The Mob? Ask A Bookie.

Joe Campanella is a real-life member of the Roslindale crew, one of the three biggest sports-betting syndicates on the streets of greater Boston. He's also one of the stars of Saint Hoods, a Discovery Channel docu-series that airs Friday nights at 10 (EDT). Campanella joins us now to take questions about being a… »8/09/13 2:00pm8/09/13 2:00pm

What Was Manti Thinking? What's The Future Of Doping? The Amazing Kreskin Is Here To Read Minds And Take Questions

He's a mentalist. He reads thoughts. He makes predictions (though don't ask him to pick the winners of sporting events). He's the Amazing Kreskin, and he's been doing this since long before your parents used to watch him occasionally clown around with Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show. He's down in the discussion to… »1/23/13 2:00pm1/23/13 2:00pm

Former WWE Wrestler And Head Games Author Christopher Nowinski Is Here To Take Your Questions

Christopher Nowinski is a former Ivy League football player and WWE wrestler. In 2006, he wrote Head Games: Football's Concussion Crisis from the NFL To Youth Leagues. The book has inspired a documentary, Head Games, that opens tomorrow in New York and Los Angeles and that will also be available on demand on iTunes.… »9/20/12 3:10pm9/20/12 3:10pm

Ask Black Crowes Drummer (And Nashville Sports-Talk Radio Host) Steve Gorman About Being A Rock Star And Stuff

Steve Gorman is a founding member of the Black Crowes, and he remains their drummer. He's also an avid sports fan, and since January he's hosted his own afternoon weekday program on Nashville radio station 102.5 The Game. Gorman, who says the Black Crowes are still together even though they haven't put out an album in… »9/07/12 1:35pm9/07/12 1:35pm

Ask An Anonymous PR Guy About The Shady Work Of Being A Pro Athlete's Publicist

Gang, meet Anonymous PR Guy. Anonymous PR Guy, say hello to the gang. Anonymous PR Guy is an actual publicist for a handful of pro athletes, and in exchange for his anonymity, he's agreed to share a few stories with us about what his job is really like. We've always wondered, and now we know: He's already dished on … »8/21/12 3:00pm8/21/12 3:00pm

Buzz Bissinger Is In Our Office And He's Taking Your Questions In The Comments

Hey! Look who's here! The Friday Night Lights author has popped into Deadspin HQ to say hello, and to chat with you down in the comments. We recommend that you check out this excerpt of his new Byliner Original, After Friday Night Lights, plus his newly published Slate essay on growing up next to Central Park. Fire… »4/24/12 11:56am4/24/12 11:56am