Big XII Championship Live Blog: #2 Oklahoma Vs. #20 Missouri

Now that you're all hero-ed out from the SEC Championship, certainly there's enough quarterback love letters in your back pocket for Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel in the Big XII Championship in Kansas City. The Sooners are about 17-point faves, which means the live blog will be interesting by, oh, midway through the… »12/06/08 8:00pm12/06/08 8:00pm

MAC Championship Live Blog: #12 Ball State Cardinals Vs. Buffalo Bulls

This is pretty much the only way Ford Field gets to host a championship football game. The Chirpin' Birds of Ball State will try to stay undefeated — again — against the blue-colored Bulls of the University At Buffalo. The winner gets to move on to play an important bowl game ... in the SAME FOOTBALL STADIUM! Against… »12/05/08 7:58pm12/05/08 7:58pm

Tuesday Night Live Blog: Western Michigan at #15 Ball State

Please accept the harmonious balance of David Letterman and Tim Allen's alma maters, respectively, to infiltrate your Tuesday night plans. The undefeated Ball State Cardinals welcome the 9-2 WMU Broncos, and the winner is in the MAC Championship game. Fun fact: It's not illegal to shout "jump" in a crowded live blog.… »11/25/08 6:58pm11/25/08 6:58pm

Wednesday Night Live Blog: #17 Ball State at Central Michigan

Ahhh. Mid-American Conference football. You were born a fan, it's just that nobody told you until tonight. The undefeated Ball State Cardinals flutter into Mount Pleasant to tangle with some fired up Chips. Winner probably wins the MAC West Division, a fact which you already knew. Also something you knew: if you build… »11/19/08 6:55pm11/19/08 6:55pm

Tuesday Night Live Blog: Kentucky Wildcats vs. #1 UNC Tar Heels

The 24 hours of maddening college basketball is almost at an end, so let's Rosie Ruiz our way to the finish line and reap the celebratory final paces. Tradition University squares off against Heritage State in a game that Tyler Hansbrough is too proud (and hurt) to be a part of, but that doesn't mean ESPN doesn't want… »11/18/08 8:45pm11/18/08 8:45pm

Saturday Night Live Blog: #9 Oklahoma State at #2 Texas Tech

The Big XII has thirteen teams in the Top 10, and this is just another night in which two of them square off on a Saturday night. The undefeated Red Raiders get their second straight prime-time big game against the once-defeated Cowboys. Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit brand cows with their initials. What the… »11/08/08 7:55pm11/08/08 7:55pm

World Series Game Five Live Blog 33-1/3: The Final Insult

Last time on "World Series Test Cricket," our Philadelphia Phillies and Tampa Bay Rays were tied 2-2 in the middle of the 6th inning. Please slip on the underwear you adorned on Tuesday (or, if you want to be accurate, Monday) »10/29/08 8:15pm10/29/08 8:15pm and jump like it's October 27th. * * * — Ladies and gentlemen, Lidge-O-Matic. Us did it!

World Series Game Five Live Blog: Rays at Phillies

Well then. If Philadelphia gets a win from Cole "Lynchpin Of Hope" Hamels tonight, they win the World Series. If Scott "Zambrano" Kazmir can act as the stopper, then the Rays move the Series back to Catwalkdome and continue to fight from the corner they've put themselves in. If Tennessee wins, you've got on the wrong… »10/27/08 7:55pm10/27/08 7:55pm