Liverpool Just Came Back To Beat Borussia Dortmund In An Insane Goal-Fest

This is the kind of game this was: after Liverpool sealed their monumental comeback with their fourth goal of the evening in the first of four stoppage time minutes, it still felt inevitable that Dortmund would get at least one great chance of their own to equalize and thus progress on to the Europa League semis. This…


Jamie Vardy's Wondrous Volley Is One Of The Best Goals You'll See All Year

Yes, this is video of Jamie Vardy—who, despite all odds is still the Premier League’s leading scorer—sizing up a visionary pass by Riyad Mahrez—still one of the most dangerous players in all of England—and instead of doing the sensible thing and taking a touch to figure out what to do next, straight banging the ball…

Unknown Guys In Liverpool Shirts Draw With Random Lower League Team In FA Cup

Well, it just had to be him, didn’t it. Yes, while Premier League giants Liverpool went 2-1 down to the ... non-giants, I presume, of ... some English league that’s not the Prem in today’s third round FA Cup clash, fans could’ve maybe suspected it would be *frantically scans club’s roster on Wikipedia* Brad Smith—yes,…

Exeter City Take 2-1 Halftime Lead On Liverpool Thanks To Stoppage-Time Olimpico

Lee Holmes delivered a goal direct from a corner during first-half stoppage time to give the fourth-division squad a 2-1 lead over Liverpool headed into the half. It’s a strike that most competent keepers would have punched away, but Liverpool’s Adam Bogdan is having another one of his patented awful appearances.