Liverpool Fans Leave Anfield In Protest, Liverpool Joins Them By Immediately Giving Up A Pair Of Goals

Liverpool fans planned and executed a 77th minute walkout from today’s game against Sunderland to protest ticket prices getting increases up to £77, and apparently, their team decided to join them in protest, so they laid down and let Sunderland of all teams roar back and tie them 2-2.


Jamie Vardy's Wondrous Volley Is One Of The Best Goals You'll See All Year

Yes, this is video of Jamie Vardy—who, despite all odds is still the Premier League’s leading scorer—sizing up a visionary pass by Riyad Mahrez—still one of the most dangerous players in all of England—and instead of doing the sensible thing and taking a touch to figure out what to do next, straight banging the ball…

Here's The Best Goal So Far Of This Ridiculous Liverpool-Arsenal Game

Liverpool are hosting Arsenal in the Premier League right now, and it already feels like a classic. There have been four goals in the first 25 minutes, and it’s tied at two. The best one, though, was this here golazo from Liverpool striker Firmino, which is very sexy indeed, and already his second on the day.

Unknown Guys In Liverpool Shirts Draw With Random Lower League Team In FA Cup

Well, it just had to be him, didn’t it. Yes, while Premier League giants Liverpool went 2-1 down to the ... non-giants, I presume, of ... some English league that’s not the Prem in today’s third round FA Cup clash, fans could’ve maybe suspected it would be *frantically scans club’s roster on Wikipedia* Brad Smith—yes,…

Exeter City Take 2-1 Halftime Lead On Liverpool Thanks To Stoppage-Time Olimpico

Lee Holmes delivered a goal direct from a corner during first-half stoppage time to give the fourth-division squad a 2-1 lead over Liverpool headed into the half. It’s a strike that most competent keepers would have punched away, but Liverpool’s Adam Bogdan is having another one of his patented awful appearances.

Liverpool Storm Four Men On Open-Goal Fast Break, Still Don't Score

Liverpool beat Leicester City 1-0 at Anfield today, holding the league’s most surprising team scoreless for the first time all season. But it should have been a 2-0 victory, as a late open goal break somehow fell apart when Christian Benteke couldn’t find a net left vacant by Kasper Schmeichel. Schmeichel had gone…

Soccer Teen's Dad Tries To Sabotage Son's Move To Liverpool By Hiding His Passport

Despite the old adage “father knows best,” there comes a time in every child’s life when they are old enough to make their own decisions. At that point, father’s wisdom and guidance becomes less a mandate from your boss and more a word of advice to be weighed as lightly or heavily as the budding adult sees fit. The…

Chelsea Fan Loses Job After Calling Liverpool Fans "Scouse Scum" In Online Interview

Looks like José Mourinho isn’t the only Chelsea fan who’s lost it on camera this season. One Blues fan and former partner at an international law firm had to pay for this man-on-the-street interview, where he rails against “Scouse scum” Liverpool fans for rooting against Mourinho, with his job.

Liverpool Shooting Themselves In The Foot By Not Taking Europa League Seriously

Last weekend, Liverpool lost in sorry fashion to Manchester United, their hated foe and rival for one of the Premier League’s all-important top four spots. That result, plus the draw with Arsenal a couple weeks prior, likely shut the door on what in the best of cases would’ve been an unlikely run to Champions League…

Mario Balotelli Does Lots Of Dumb Things, So Liverpool Want No Part Of Him

Liverpool have pretty obviously been trying to offload the mercurial and misfiring Mario Balotelli for months now. And while we haven’t yet seen the kind of public outbursts we’re used to when Balo has previously overstayed his welcome, the Independent has a rundown of previously unreported incidents that have…