Gonzalo Higuain Signs With Napoli, And Now Arsenal FC Are Screwed

Last week, Italian runners-up Napoli sold their best player, striker Edinson Cavani, to French champions Paris Saint-Germain for €64 million. It was the fifth-highest transfer fee ever for a player, and there were sure to be implications all over Europe as international soccer inched through the summer transfer window… »7/26/13 10:30am7/26/13 10:30am

Watch All These Tottenham Players Choke The Game Away To Liverpool

Today's most notable Premier League matchup was between Tottenham Hotspur, currently third in the table with just two points over Chelsea, and eighth-place Liverpool FC. This game was vital. A week after beating bitter rivals Arsenal, Spurs are trying to get some separation from Chelsea, while a surging Liverpool… »3/10/13 4:18pm3/10/13 4:18pm

Liverpool Apologizes To Fake Rumormonger For Threatening His Family

Sean Cummins was just a regular guy with too much time on his hands, and a pseudonymous Twitter account, and a knack for guessing at soccer transactions. Liverpool executives believed that "Duncan Jenkins" was a real journalist, with sources inside the club, who drove up the team's transfer costs by leaking upcoming… »10/30/12 4:11pm10/30/12 4:11pm

Story About LeBron Promising Liverpool A Vegas Party Was Too Fake For Even The British Tabloids To Stand Behind

Liverpool is...not having the best of starts. The high-priced, high-expectation club has gotten out of the gate at 0-2-1, which is only the second-most disastrous performance of the year for a Fenway Sports Group team. But another Reds owner was reportedly not so sanguine about the results. LeBron James, who owns a… »9/04/12 1:40pm9/04/12 1:40pm

Adidas Won't Re-Up Sponsorship Deal With Liverpool Because They're Losers

With a six-year, $18.5 million sponsorship deal coming to an end, everyone expected Liverpool to sign a new contract with Adidas, which has supplied the Reds since 1985. But Adidas was having none of it, claiming the numbers Liverpool asked for would be more in line with a club that has a few trophies with less than… »1/19/12 11:10am1/19/12 11:10am

LeBron James Gets Stake In Liverpool, Joins Unofficial Club For The Filthy Rich

LeBron James is smiling because even after an embarrassing hour-long ESPN special this summer that maligned him to the majority of humans not residing in South Beach, and even after his hometown fans burned his Cleveland jerseys and turned his name into a curse word, and even after his new team faced scrutiny all… »4/06/11 5:55pm4/06/11 5:55pm