Timofey Mozgov Is A Heavy Hitter In The Local Commercial Circuit

Yesterday, we learned that Timofey Mozgov starred in a fantastic local commercial in which he wore a backwards jersey and repeatedly looked off-camera, but now we know that's not his only spot. Here's another one with him talking to his "favorite day-time bartender." Timofey Mozgov has a favorite day-time bartender? »3/27/15 12:05pm3/27/15 12:05pm


How Those Painfully Awkward Local Commercials With Athletes Are Made

You've probably seen a local commercial with one of your area's athletes, and it was most likely awful and unnatural. For me, nothing will beat Dustin Pedroia's cringe-worthy Sullivan Tire ad. ("I don't believe it. It's Jim Rice.") This funny video featuring Scott Hartnell proves that there's a science to making… »10/10/13 7:25pm10/10/13 7:25pm