The NBA Players Union Made Two Big Decisions Yesterday

The NBA’s All-Star Weekend is mostly just a 72 hour party with some “basketball” thrown in there to give everybody a break from partying, but some important business is conducted too. Perhaps the most important is the National Basketball Player’s Association (NBPA) meeting, which happens every All-Star weekend as it’s… »2/14/15 5:50pm2/14/15 5:50pm


NBA Players Are Coming To Get Their Money Back In 2017

The NBA's bonkers new TV deal means there is going to be more money flowing into the league than ever before, and everyone is already thinking about 2017, when the players or owners can opt out of the current CBA and re-negotiate how all that revenue is going to be divided up. Based on comments from a few high-profile… »10/07/14 3:29pm10/07/14 3:29pm

NBA Owners And Players Reach Tentative Labor Deal, Season To Start On Christmas Day

"All I feel right now is 'finally'" said a borderline speechless Dwyane Wade. Barring something crazy, the league plans on opening training camp on December 9th and kicking off a 66-game schedule Christmas Day with the Boston Celtics at New York Knicks, the Miami Heat at Dallas Mavericks, and the Chicago Bulls at Los… »11/26/11 9:41am11/26/11 9:41am

Deion Branch Will Be At A Papa John's In Louisville For One Hour On Friday

With the reverence worthy of a Super Bowl MVP, the sign outside the Papa John's at 2nd and Liberty streets in Louisville, Ky. invites passersby to stop in this Friday to distract Patriots WR Deion Branch from the fact that he's been forced to make an appearance at a Papa John's in his old college town. »7/06/11 11:45pm7/06/11 11:45pm