Logan Morrison Gives Up On Pop-Up Because A Fan Called For It

You can't actually hear anyone from the crowd yell a version of "I got it!" but if you watch Morrison, that's the only explanation why he didn't make a play on this ball. » 8/29/13 12:01am 8/29/13 12:01am

Giancarlo Stanton Nearly Killed His Cutoff Man

With the Marlins well on their way to being blown out (Ozzie Guillen called it "the worst game we've played all year"), at least Giancarlo Stanton and Logan Morrison found something to laugh about. Morrison, playing first, nearly got taken out when he attempted to cutoff Stanton's throw from right. » 5/25/12 10:10am 5/25/12 10:10am

Logan Morrison Would Like To Borrow Your Black Flag T-Shirt

Your morning roundup for Sept. 22, the day we learned live trees make great ancient bridges. Photo via @Jimmy Traina. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors. » 9/22/11 10:15am 9/22/11 10:15am

The Marlins Went Ahead And Misspelled Logan Morrison's Name On The…

The Florida Marlins claimed a paid attendance of 21,733 for tonight's 4-0 loss to the Atlanta Braves. They also spelled left fielder Logan Morrison's last name as "Morrsion" on the big board at the stadium. » 9/21/11 12:05am 9/21/11 12:05am

Logan Morrison Was Demoted Because Wes Helms Is A Super-Secret…

Marlins outfielder/tweeter Logan Morrison was demoted to AAA New Orleans on Saturday night. It was a weird demotion, because Morrison ranks second in OPS on the team (ahead of first baseman Gaby Sanchez, and any outfielders who might replace him) and because the Marlins are 56-64, burnt toast. » 8/15/11 4:30pm 8/15/11 4:30pm

This Evening: The Attack Of The Praying Mantis

Your p.m. roundup for July 27, the day we were traded for a blogger to be named later. H/T to Derek for the video. And here's Logan Morrison's reaction to that harrowing moment. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors. » 7/27/11 6:05pm 7/27/11 6:05pm

"The deal, which will be formally announced on Friday, is a sign…

Jack McKeon Thinks He Can Silence Logan "Twitter" Morrison; So Far, He…

On Saturday, Trader Jack benched Twitter-happy outfielder Logan Morrison, who's hit .189 in June. McKeon said he would try "something different. Give 'Twitter' a rest." McKeon once thought "Twitter" was Morrison's dog. Now it's just a chiding nickname. » 6/28/11 3:40pm 6/28/11 3:40pm

Jack McKeon Has Had A Very Jack McKeon Couple Of Days

And it was a thing of beauty to watch, for fans who view coaches as interesting or influential as any athlete. Even if they're 80 years old and are baseball's Winston Wolf, just waiting for the call to clean up someone else's mess. » 6/22/11 12:35pm 6/22/11 12:35pm

Marlins President Talks About His Penis Pump, Porn, Being Careful About…

Logan Morrison is one of baseball's most prolific tweeters, and some of his vaguely salacious tweets have landed him in vaguely hot water with management. David Samson, Marlins President, had this to say: » 6/04/11 12:00pm 6/04/11 12:00pm

It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before Charlie Sheen Infiltrated The…

Someday, athletes are going to stop posing with Charlie Sheen, or at least stop hash-tagging their Sheen shots with references to #tigerblood. Today is not that day. So, thanks for that Logan Morrison. » 4/24/11 4:00pm 4/24/11 4:00pm

Florida Marlins Rookie Hazing Takes Uncomfortable, Fake Pube-y Turn

The Marlins took part in baseball's long-held tradition of dressing rookies as women recently, and no one was more up to the task than Logan Morrison who dressed as Angie Everhart—who research shows was never on Baywatch. What an idiot. [Last Angry Fan] » 9/27/10 1:15pm 9/27/10 1:15pm