How The NBA Flushed Out The Exec Leaking Memos To Adrian Wojnarowski

Our own Kevin Draper—who really should have written this for us—goes in on Yahoo scoop-machine Adrian Wojnarowski at The New Republic. You'll read it, because Woj deserves some going-in upon. But this paragraph, from an entire section on Wojnarowski's cozy relationship with longtime Pistons executive Joe Dumars,… » 12/17/14 11:05am 12/17/14 11:05am

Our pal Sam Page has collaborated with artist Molly Brooks on Hockey Ops, a new comic book about hockey-playing soldiers in a war-torn future. It's pretty cool, and you can check it out for less than a dollar over at Comixology. » 9/11/14 2:12pm 9/11/14 2:12pm

If you're in D.C. tonight, swing by the Dodge City bar at 8:30, where our own Drew Magary will be reading from Someone Could Get Hurt. We can't say it will end with Drew shotgunning beers with you, but we also can't say it won't. » 5/21/14 2:53pm 5/21/14 2:53pm

OJ: The Musical is a movie that exists, and the trailer suggests we might actually enjoy it. If you live in or near Atlanta, you can reserve some seats for a June 17 screening over here. » 5/17/14 1:18pm 5/17/14 1:18pm

Since Iverson, the shooting sleeve has been as much a staple of NBA fashion as anything, but it actually started as a happy little medical-MacGyvering accident. The New Yorker has a short history of how it happened—go give it a read. » 5/07/14 7:46pm 5/07/14 7:46pm

How To Plan A Road Trip To All 30 MLB Ballparks In 30 Days

Over at Slate, Eric Brewster and Ben Blatt have put together a very cool tool that completely automates an itinerary for you for a <30-day road trip to every MLB park. It's pretty useful—if you have the leisure time and bank account to run off and do something like this. Go poke around at it and plan a vacation you're… » 5/06/14 5:23pm 5/06/14 5:23pm

Retro Report does its thing on the '98 Manning-Leaf draft and the cottage industry of character whisperers that sprang up in its wake. (If you've never heard of Retro Report, take a few minutes to watch this, about the myth of the crack-baby boom.) » 5/05/14 11:39am 5/05/14 11:39am

Steven Levitt, co-author of Freakonomics, has his pick for the Kentucky Derby. He likes Chitu as the best value—20-1 right now—but he has some other recommendations for exotics that you should check out on his blog. Levitt also swung by Deadspin to chat horse racing yesterday, which you can read here. » 5/02/14 3:14pm 5/02/14 3:14pm

Tired of dumb sportswriting? Our pal Yago Colás and friends are raising funds for a site that will bring together sports and the academy, in service of addressing serious questions about class, race, gender, and all the rest. Check out their plans, and think about kicking them some money. [The Allrounder] » 5/01/14 3:16pm 5/01/14 3:16pm

How do you survive an avalanche? You get a backpack that doubles as an "avalanche airbag," apparently. They've been around for decades, but have gotten a higher-tech makeover. Our friend Amanda Ruggeri has a look at them over on BBC. » 3/25/14 4:23pm 3/25/14 4:23pm

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