David Blatt Just Stands There Like A Buster And Parrots LeBron's Calls

ESPN NBA writer Brian Windhorst, who is as connected to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers as any reporter can be, was a guest on Bill Simmons's latest podcast, and he dropped some juicy stuff about the various melodramas that have been hanging over the team all season. The whole thing is worth a listen, but… » 3/31/15 6:28pm Today 6:28pm

Pro Football Shill Lanny Davis Lies About Shilling for Pro Football

Antibiotic-resistant flesh-eating infection Lanny Davis published a column in the Hill yesterday deploring the media's terrible rush to judgment against NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Because the NFL's self-commissioned investigation into the Ray Rice scandal failed to find evidence that the league had done wrong,… » 1/15/15 10:29pm 1/15/15 10:29pm

Watch South Korea Fill Up A World Cup Stadium For League Of Legends

Today, Seoul hosted the League of Legends world championships. It's a big enough event that it occupied the outdoor soccer stadium built for the 2002 World Cup. The New York Times has a decent 40,000-foot overview of the rise of professional gaming in South Korea. » 10/19/14 6:57pm 10/19/14 6:57pm

Millennial Basketball Player Thinks His Mediocrity Should Impress You

Generational stereotypes are grotesquely dumb and unfair, which makes it entertaining when someone genuinely lives up to one. Obviously people in their 20s are not the complacent, self-esteem-bloated solipsists that the popular culture supposes them to be. » 10/02/14 11:09am 10/02/14 11:09am

Crazy Racist Alaskan Lady Goes On Amazing Racist Roadrage Rant

Damn, lady, this is one fine-ass racist run you went on here. Started off strong with, "If I had a gun, I would shoot you dead. ... I'm going to kill your kids and your goddamn mother. I've got people who will do it," and rolled right into Muslims blowing up school bus children because they're atheists. Then you just… » 8/19/14 7:07pm 8/19/14 7:07pm

Collapsed Lung Can't Stop Pro Gamer From Playing League Of Legends

Pro League of Legends player Hai "Hai_L9" Du Lam suffered a collapsed lung the other day. It ruled him out of a big tournament in Paris, but he's making do by...continuing to play League of Legends in his hospital bed. » 4/30/14 8:27pm 4/30/14 8:27pm

Former World Chess Champion Gives His Take On eSports In 15 Tweets

Russian chess grandmaster and former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov is in Seoul to participate in a local sports fair. And since South Korea is the capital of eSports, it was inevitable for him to weigh in on League of Legends and StarCraft, which are essentially the number one rivals of chess. » 12/27/13 11:17am 12/27/13 11:17am

Justin Sellers Was Up To No Good In The Dodgers' Dugout Yesterday

We haven't the foggiest what Justin Sellers is up to in this video, other than fondling an invisible boob and rolling an invisible doob. That's more than enough for us to give it the Deadspin Video treatment. » 4/22/13 11:50am 4/22/13 11:50am

Utah Will Never Play In a Championship Bowl Game, How to Win an NCAA…

Hello Deadspin readers! My name's Foster. This is my last weekend writing for Gawker. I've written for you jockstrap-sniffing cretins before, but this will be maybe my last chance to do so. So while AJ's over there, here're some words: » 2/27/10 6:15pm 2/27/10 6:15pm