Kobe Bryant Airballs From Siberia As The Lakers Lose by 34

The other day my colleague Albert Burneko worried that Nick Young's return had improbably elevated the Lakers from "gonzo terribleness to bland mediocrity." Worried because the Lakers' spectacular brand of suck has been the most entertaining subplot early in this surprisingly dismal NBA season, and that would be… »11/22/14 2:54pm11/22/14 2:54pm

The Only Thing Mike D'Antoni Detests More Than His Team's Play Is T.J. Simers' Questions

There's probably no other sports reporter/columnist out there who can ingratiate himself so well to a coach as T.J. Simers of the Los Angeles Times, if by "ingratiate" we mean "antagonize coaches coming off a bad loss by uttering outrageous allegations that make them to want to strangle you in front of your peers."… »12/11/12 11:20pm12/11/12 11:20pm