For The Cleveland Browns Fan Who Has Nothing Left: A Hearse

A man is selling his Browns-colored hearse that he has used for six years as a tailgating car. It's a Cadillac with just a shade under 100,000 miles. It doesn't run and it's got a flat. I am wasting a lot of time trying to think of a more appropriate team/tailgate vehicle combination than a Cleveland Browns hearse so… »8/08/13 12:15am8/08/13 12:15am

Chip Kelly To The Browns Was A Sure Thing, Until Kelly Spent Nine Hours Eating Dinner With The Eagles [UPDATE]

On Friday, said Chip Kelly to the Browns was in the works, and that the two sides were just hammering out the details. Browns fans were happy. The brief Pat Shurmur era wasn't the tonic they had hoped for, and Chip Kelly is one of the biggest names on the coaching market. Unfortunately, big names attract other… »1/06/13 10:15am1/06/13 10:15am

It Sucks To Be Brandon Weeden, Vol. 5: The Browns Are Already Publicly Wondering Whether Brandon Weeden Is Any Good

First, he was trapped under a flag before ever playing a down in the NFL. Then, he was listed as 129 years of age on the Browns game program, which only served to draw attention to how old Brandon Weeden really is—29, way old for a rookie. Then, couldn't compile his high school stats because, well, he was… »11/10/12 2:35pm11/10/12 2:35pm

According To The Cleveland Browns, Brandon Weeden Is 129 Years Old

Brandon Weeden is 29 years old. Which makes him old for a rookie first-round draft pick, but not old for a human being. 129 years is exactly 100 years older than Brandon Weeden is and that is old for a human being, rookie first-round draft pick or otherwise. According to reader Nathan, what you see above appeared in… »10/14/12 8:45pm10/14/12 8:45pm