Nick, The Cubs Threw Out Your Grandma’s Personalized Brick

Nick, my man, we have some bad news. Remember when your sweet grandma bought a commemorative brick to be placed outside of Wrigley Field, one that would stand as a testament to her love for you and the Cubbies forever? Well, the Cubs just made a sucker out of your sweet grandma, because they threw that brick in the… »5/19/15 5:20pm5/19/15 5:20pm


Cubs Make "Confines Friendlier" By Constructing Anti-Autograph Barrier

Holy cow! It may be a beautiful day for baseball in Chicago, but for fans seeking a close-up glimpse of their favorite Cubs player these are dark days indeed. That’s because, as reported over on the very essential Wrigley Renovations Twitter account, the club erected a barrier to keep fans from interacting with… »4/18/15 11:08am4/18/15 11:08am

Cubs Fans Are Already Heckling Kris Bryant With "YOU SUCK!"

Kris Bryant’s major league career batting line as of this writing is 0-3 with three strikeouts. That’s nothing to be ashamed about, given he’s facing James Shields, but the fans at Wrigley are fickle and impatient beasts. Listen to one scream “YOU SUCK!” at Bryant after his third strikeout today. »4/17/15 4:00pm4/17/15 4:00pm

Cubs Ground Crew Struggles To Get Tarp On Field, Gets Booed

Heavy rain started falling in the bottom of the fifth at Wrigley tonight and, just like the New York crew at Yankee Stadium a few weeks ago, the Chicago grounds crew struggggggled to get the tarp on the field. As you can see, this thing was botched from Jump Street and it only got worse with huge pools of water on… »8/19/14 10:15pm8/19/14 10:15pm

On First Pitches As A Cub, Henry Rodriguez Hit Ump And Carlos Beltran

The Washington Nationals recently traded Henry Rodriguez to the Cubs because he was not developing in the way they thought he would. Specifically, he struggled with control issues. His trade value was limited due to "bouts of wildness." He had a power arm, but often had no idea where his pitches would wind up. "He… »6/18/13 12:37am6/18/13 12:37am

Ronnie Woo Woo Gives Up On The Cubs, Wants Paul McCartney Tickets Instead

Our tipster Steven works for a ticket company out of Chicago, and wrote in to tell us that he'd had beloved Cubs fan Ronnie "Woo Woo" Wickers in the office today. He even attached a photo: "Woo_Woo_Office_Visit.jpg." Ronnie was wearing his Cubs uniform, which is no surprise; what is is that one of the most dedicated… »6/07/11 7:05pm6/07/11 7:05pm

It Must Be March If The Cubs Are Fighting Each Other In The Dugout

After giving up a six-run inning courtesy of a handful of errors, Carlos Silva returned to the dugout and got into a fight. It was broken up, he was removed from the game, and kept away from reporters afterward because he was "not in the right frame of mind to talk." Cubs Spring Training, people! [Chicago Breaking News »3/02/11 5:00pm3/02/11 5:00pm