The Washington Nationals Certainly Seem To Hate Matt Williams

The Washington Post’s Barry Svrluga has a deep, perfectly-timed dive into the Washington National’s disaster of a season. Not only is it a complete tick-tock of how the team fell apart, it features a number of quotes and anecdotes from inside the clubhouse, each one revealing that Matt Williams’s performance as… »9/30/15 4:03pmWednesday 4:03pm

Matt Williams Fucks Up Again, Gets Booed At His Press Conference

Washington Nationals manager Matt Williams has spent most of the last week doing everything he can to ensure that his team’s slide out of playoff contention continues without a hitch. If his recent handling of the bullpen had Nats fans bashing their heads against walls, last night’s managerial performance should have… »9/09/15 10:17am9/09/15 10:17am