ESPN's Lomas Brown Says He Didn't Send All Those Insulting Tweets Sent By Lomas Brown

He's just shocked—shocked!—at what happened the other day, at least now that someone's finally noticed it. Brown's response here only prompts additional questions: Does someone else do his tweeting for him? (If so, this person is awfully prolific.) Does Brown ordinarily approve every tweet before that someone else… »12/28/12 1:20pm12/28/12 1:20pm


ESPN's Lomas Brown Spent His Christmas Insulting People On Twitter

Former Lions lineman Lomas Brown has been getting a ton of shit from people since admitting the other day he once deliberately allowed quarterback Scott Mitchell to get injured during a game. Though we never realized it until the Mitchell story got out, Brown is an ESPN analyst. But then we looked it up and quickly… »12/27/12 1:30pm12/27/12 1:30pm