Report: London Fletcher's Family Involved In Altercation With Cleveland …

Following the Redskins' 38-21 win over the Browns in Cleveland, several members of London Fletcher's family were reportedly involved in an altercation with Browns fans that resulted in three arrests and one hospitalization. Fletcher is a Cleveland native and this was the first NFL game he played in his hometown. » 12/16/12 9:26pm 12/16/12 9:26pm

Donovan McNabb Is So Totally Going To Dunk London Fletcher. Cannonball!

Update on the NBA-NFL rivalry: Kobe Bryant sells sneakers via gun violence whereas Donovan McNabb, cocktail umbrella behind ear, threatens Pro Bowl n00b London Fletcher (née Susan Lucci) with some badass hazing: "He'll get initiated at the pool bar." [USAToday] » 1/30/10 11:10am 1/30/10 11:10am