Work In Professional Baseball! (As The Dunk Tank Dude For An…

The Long Island Ducks are hiring! Have you always dreamed of working alongside such luminaries as Dontrelle Willis, Ramon Castro, Ian Snell, and Josh Barfield? Of course you have. Stupid question, sorry. » 5/21/13 5:09pm 5/21/13 5:09pm

The First Rounder Who'd Rather Play For The Long Island Ducks Than Sign…

The Astros are high on UConn outfielder George Springer, who they took last month with the 11th overall pick. How high? He's got some wondering if Hunter Pence isn't now expendable. But the deadline to agree to terms is August 15th, and Springer spent his weekend on Long Island, meeting with the GM of the independent… » 7/26/11 3:05pm 7/26/11 3:05pm

If It Walks Like A Duck And Whatever This Duck Is Doing To This Poor…

Got an image you'd like to see in here first thing in the morning? Send it to Subject: Morning crap » 5/31/09 10:54am 5/31/09 10:54am

Jay Gibbons Finally Finds A Home

After his rather famous letter to 29 major league teams recently in which he asked for another shot at baseball with a minor league contract, former Oriole and HGH connoisseur Jay Gibbons was rather surprised to get exactly zero offers. But determined to get back into the game somehow, Gibbons has prevailed. It's just… » 6/12/08 6:00pm 6/12/08 6:00pm

Jose Offerman's Comeback Attempt Hits A Minor Snag

As you surely knew, everyone's favorite smoldering volcano of goodness, ex-major league All-Star Jose Offerman, is playing for the Long Island Ducks of the Independent Atlantic League this season. Or, he was, until he went after opposing players with a bat on Tuesday night. Let's see Bonds try this. » 8/15/07 10:00am 8/15/07 10:00am

What's The Deal With Juan Gone?

Juan Gonzalez has always been one of the more confounding baseball players. The guy won two MVPs, is 34th all time in home runs and was the guy we were certain was going to someday break Hack Wilson's RBI mark. Sure, he was moody and unusual, but not any more so than Albert Belle, who actually didn't self-destruct… » 7/18/06 11:45am 7/18/06 11:45am