Looper's Rian Johnson Is The Director Of Star Wars: Episode VIII

He will also reportedly be the scriptwriter of Episode IX, but not the director. Man, not only is Disney is getting their Star Wars biz together quickly, they're hiring some real scifi talent with Johnson, Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank. It's getting immensely difficult not be excited about the future of Star Wars. »6/20/14 3:28pm6/20/14 3:28pm


Box-Office Grosses Aren't Sports Scores. Who Cares If Looper Flops This Weekend?

Last year, around this time, I started seeing a ton of ads on Fox NFL games for the movie Drive. I'd seen the movie early and thought it was terrific, but I couldn't help but notice how ill-fitting the promotions for the movie were juxtaposed against Pitbull's Dr. Pepper ads and Terry Bradshaw doing his Cajun minstrel… »9/28/12 6:15pm9/28/12 6:15pm

Bruce Willis And Time Travel, Both More Alive Than Ever. Looper, Reviewed.

1. Looper is essentially two different movies spliced together at the midway point, but that's OK, because: a) the movies are thematically connected, with the second building off the windup of the first; and b) they're both excellent. The first half is a dark, thrilling time-travel mind-twister that leads into the… »9/25/12 6:10pm9/25/12 6:10pm