Old Man Kobe And The Young Lakers Are Fun As Hell 

Kobe Bryant, who is older than hell, crankier than hell, and shackled to a misshapen Lakers team, looked better than he has in years tonight as his Lakers fell to the Timberwolves at home 112-111. This game was stuffed full of cool shit: the two teams’ tribute to the recently passed Flip Saunders; Nick Young hitting a… »10/29/15 1:40am10/29/15 1:40am

Old Man Metta World Peace Says Modern NBA Is Full Of Babies

Metta World Peace is back in the NBA after a few seasons in China and has found an NBA more focused on the three-pointer and passing than the one he left. So, naturally, he has assumed the least surprising position available to him, that the NBA is, “No longer a man’s game. It’s a baby’s game. There’s softies… »10/11/15 1:35pm10/11/15 1:35pm

Matt Barnes Claims He Went To Estranged Wife's House Because He Was Worried About His Son

Today, Matt Barnes attempted to clarify his version of his uninvited weekend trip to estranged wife Gloria Govan’s home, where he allegedly fought former Lakers teammate and current Knicks head coach Derek Fisher. The 35-year-old claimed he drove to Redondo Beach after talking to his 6-year-old son, who felt uneasy… »10/08/15 3:56pm10/08/15 3:56pm

Roy Hibbert And Trevor Booker Had A "Fight"

Roy Hibbert is a giant doofus whose sole marketable skill is his ability to raise his arms above his head without falling over. Inconceivably, this once made him the greatest threat to LeBron James’s championship aspirations, but nowadays he is a great big sad hat stand with six fouls to give, and so of course he is… »10/07/15 11:12am10/07/15 11:12am

Don't Laugh: Metta World Peace Can Help The Lakers

News surfaced last week that Metta World Peace had been working out at the Lakers practice facility and was getting close to a one-year deal with the team. Let Woj tell it. “Inching closer”/“an increasing expectation,” la di da. The important part is holy shit the Lakers might sign Metta World Peace. This is amazing! »9/16/15 3:07pm9/16/15 3:07pm