The NFLPA Caught The Rams Trying To Short Players By Writing Missouri Labor Laws Into Contracts

The Los Angeles Rams took to their move to California with immediate verve, and tried to broadcast their identity by telling you exactly where their press conferences were (Manhattan Beach baby!) and selling you insufferably branded gear. But, according to a report yesterday from PFT, one thing the team has a…

St. Louis Lawyer Buys Super Bowl Ad To Tell Stan Kroenke To Get Fucked

I put out a call during last night’s Super Bowl local ad break for the best and worst of your local markets, and got replies ranging from axe-murderer Joe Jacoby to HVAC-shilling Mike Tyson to an ad in Omaha for a male enhancement doctor who will make your dong so powerful it will leave your partner disabled.

Stan Kroenke, Fresh Off Leaving St. Louis In The Lurch, Asks St. Louis For Tax Dollars

Stan Kroenke, a businessman who quite possibly wears the skinned pelt of a wombat atop his head on purpose, isn’t a popular man in St. Louis. He recently moved the Rams off to Los Angeles, drawing the ire of pretty much everyone there. So how should Stan go about mending his reputation there, seeing as how he has many…