Powerball Winners Will Fund New High School Football Stadium Only If The Visitors' Locker Room Is Painted Pink

When you win a $200 million-plus lottery, you can pretty much screw with people however you want, especially if you're willing to pony up for something they really want or need. Take Brian and Mary Lohse, who won a Powerball jackpot some three months ago and finally decided they would make a hefty $3 million donation… »12/18/12 8:15pm12/18/12 8:15pm

Sports Anchor Wins $2 Million Lottery Live On Air, Can't Help Making "Luongo Is Overpaid" Joke

Global BC sports anchor Barry Deley was actually out shopping when his name came up in a live lotto drawing, winning either a house or $2 million in cash. His unbelieving and slightly jealous colleagues call him with the news, and Deley reacts with typical Canadian poise and dry humor. The fun begins at the 1:30… »11/03/11 11:20am11/03/11 11:20am

Patriots Team Up With State Lotto; NFL Conveniently Forgets That It Pretends To Hate Gambling

Remember the NFL's feigned outrage over sports gambling in Delaware? All that sanctimonious stuff about tarnishing the game's image and leading children to degenerate lives of laying the points with the Pats on the road? Well, apparently none of that applies to state-run lotteries. »5/22/09 3:45pm5/22/09 3:45pm