Lou Piniella Made A Super-Awkward Reference To Rape During Today's…

So the Toronto Blue Jays took a lot of talent from the Miami Marlins during the last MLB offseason. One could probably find lots of words to describe the trade effectively. "Raided." "Pillaged." "Ravaged." "Pilfered." "Devastated." "Looted." "Purloined." One would probably not want to say "raped." YES Network color… » 3/20/13 5:40pm 3/20/13 5:40pm

Wearing A Fish Bib And Singing An Italian Song Did Not Give Tommy…

This was the scene Sunday evening at Bamonte's, an Italian restaurant in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn that's been open since 1900. Bamonte's is a wonderfully old-school red-sauce joint—try the stuffed peppers appetizer and the eggplant rollatini—and it's not uncommon there for a couple of old-timers whose… » 6/08/12 6:00pm 6/08/12 6:00pm

If Sideline Princess Is Already Taken, Jenn Brown's Friend Has A…

Because no one reads the newspaper, and SportsCenter's anchors are too perky for this early in the morning, Deadspin combs the best of the broadsheets and internets to bring you everything you need to know to start your day. » 8/23/10 10:45am 8/23/10 10:45am

It's Your Last Chance To See Lou Piniella Gesticulate Wildly On The…

Lou Piniella will retire following this season, adding yet another name to the ignoble list of those the Cubs have irrevocably broken. [Chicago Breaking Sports] » 7/20/10 3:30pm 7/20/10 3:30pm

Lou Piniella Bawls Out With His Balls Out

Because no one reads the newspaper, and SportsCenter's anchors are too perky for this early in the morning, Deadspin combs the best of the broadsheets and the blogosphere to bring you everything you need to know to start your day. » 4/10/10 10:08am 4/10/10 10:08am

Ozzie Guillen's Twitter Is Spectacular, Controversial

Twitter was invented for people like Ozzie, whose brains are relatively unfiltered in the first place. And while he hasn't done anything wrong yet, White Sox management are understandably nervous. » 2/24/10 10:30pm 2/24/10 10:30pm

Lou Piniella Doesn't Live By Your Namby-Pamby "Laws"

After White Sox GM Kenny Williams was ticketed and fined for jaywalking last week, Sweet Lou gets off with just a warning. Racism? Or just an affinity for the senior circuit? [Chicago Tribune] » 8/19/09 10:30pm 8/19/09 10:30pm

Milton Bradley Is Uncomfortable, And So Is A Certain Water Cooler

Lou Piniella, Milton Bradley and a water coolernot as sexy a ménage à trois as it sounds. And unfortunately, it turns out the water cooler is the Lucky Pierre in this uninviting threesome. » 6/27/09 12:30pm 6/27/09 12:30pm

Lou Piniella Adds Context To The Soto Stoner Saga

"Look, I have smoked dope one time in my life, and it didn't do a damn thing for me, and I never tried it again.... But a lot of people do (smoke marijuana). You can buy it in California from a pharmacy." [ChiTrib] » 6/26/09 5:00pm 6/26/09 5:00pm

Lou Piniella Doesn't Know About This Whole Steroid Thing The Kids Are…

The Cubs combustible manager remained calm, but plead ignorant, to Sammy Sosa's steroid use. And the reefer. [The Fightins] » 6/17/09 8:45am 6/17/09 8:45am

A Little Music For the Late Night Crowd

Thanks to Awful Announcing for providing video of the worst rap in the history of car commercials (and that's a long list). I would have liked to have been in the room when the ad guys pitched this to Lou and Ozzie. I bet it sounded a lot more like the rap we're used to. Well, the vocabulary at least. » 6/21/08 7:15pm 6/21/08 7:15pm

Lou Piniella's Balls Are Not Taking Questions Tonight

Being a sports reporter is, at times, an absolutely horrible job. Sure you get to watch games, travel and interact with athletes, but there is a horrendous downside. (Which is pretty much everything else.) And this is never more disturbingly clear than when a reporter has their first (or 50th) awful experience with a… » 4/29/08 4:00pm 4/29/08 4:00pm

Don't Panic Just Yet, Cubs Fans

Because we are committed to the month of October affording us as little sleep as possible, we stayed up and watched the whole Cubs-Diamondbacks game last night, and we don't quite understand all the fuss about Lou Piniella pulling Carlos Zambrano after the sixth inning. » 10/04/07 10:40am 10/04/07 10:40am

It's Never Too Early In Wrigleyville

Honestly, the Cubs are kind of freaking us out with all this spending business. The overspend for Aramis Ramirez, they really overspend for Mark DeRosa and they REALLY overspend on Alfonso Soriano, and now they're supposedly going after Jason Schmidt. We're not necessarily concerned that these acquisitions will make… » 11/30/06 2:45pm 11/30/06 2:45pm

A-Rod Could Have His Own Build-A-Bear Workshop

The Cubs, a team we remind you finished behind the Pirates this year, hired Lou "Let's Not Bring Up The Two Languages Thing Again, Please" Piniella as manager yesterday, and, according to ESPN, he wants to bring A-Rod to town. » 10/17/06 4:15pm 10/17/06 4:15pm

He Definitely Won't Have To Sit Next To Lou Piniella Anymore

Fox baseball analyst Steve Lyons was fired last night, and with an assist from Richard Sandomir in the New York Times, here's what got him axed: » 10/14/06 6:09pm 10/14/06 6:09pm