Lou Williams Tries To Sit, Andre Iguodala Yanks His Seat

It's been a tough run of late for the 76ers. They had lost three straight and seven of nine heading into last night's appointment in Cleveland, and their CEO is now soliciting personnel input from the internet. But because they earned a much-needed road win, garbage time offered an occasion to smile, unwind, and… »4/19/12 12:20pm4/19/12 12:20pm

Some People Don't Want To Believe Lou Williams's Story About Treating His Would-Be Gunman To Fast Food

76ers guard Lou Williams made a few people laugh with his heartwarming tale of nearly being robbed at gunpoint on a Philly street on Christmas Eve, only to be saved because the thief recognized him, after which Williams treated the man to some food at McDonald's. But was it true? There are those in Philly who have… »12/29/11 5:20pm12/29/11 5:20pm

Gunman Decides Not To Rob The 76ers' Lou Williams, Lets Williams Take Him For Fast Food Instead

That's the story Williams told reporters in the locker room prior to tonight's season opener against the Trail Blazers in Portland, anyway. According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Williams said a man approached him as his car was stopped on a Philly street on Christmas Eve, knocked on the car's window, and… »12/26/11 11:21pm12/26/11 11:21pm