Louis C.K. Has A Good Take On The Ballghazi Scandal

If you're starting to feel a little suffocated by Ballghazi hysteria, allow funnyman Louis C.K. to bring a little levity into the situation. » 1/27/15 12:08pm 1/27/15 12:08pm

What Louie's Fat-Girls Tirade Got Wrong About The Dudes Who Love Them

As you are probably aware by now, "BBW" means "big beautiful woman." I know: patronizing, annoying to say out loud (bee-bee-dubbleyew), sometimes confused with Bath and Body Works. But nonetheless, this is the three-letter PIN that you would Google (or Craigslist, or OKCupid) in order to find a fat woman. Why would… » 5/13/14 6:16pm 5/13/14 6:16pm

A Dog Distracted By A Squirrel: American Hustle, Reviewed.

1. David O. Russell is a director who doesn't know what he's doing. I say this with legitimate, if cautious, admiration. Some of our most celebrated directors have been incorrigible perfectionist assholes: David Fincher makes actors do hundreds of takes; Kubrick sent crazy (but not wrong) letters to projectionists;… » 12/17/13 5:57pm 12/17/13 5:57pm

This Evening: Louis C.K. Gets In Touch With Himself

Your p.m. roundup for Aug. 12, the day we wished death on the Internet craze. Photo via Creeping Jesus. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors. » 8/12/11 6:31pm 8/12/11 6:31pm

Louis C.K. Versus Dane Cook, By The Numbers

E.B. White once likened analyzing humor to dissecting a frog, in that the frog dies and that most observers are grossed out by the process. But who will object if we dissect Dane Cook? Here's a statistical look at how two very different comedians elicit reactions from their audience. » 8/12/11 2:40pm 8/12/11 2:40pm

Louis CK Is The Best Stand-Up Comic Of His Generation

I did a horrible, awkward podcast with Jeff Garlin a while back, and he complained that standup comedy is never discussed as an art form. Okay Jeff, well let's do that. » 8/05/09 3:30pm 8/05/09 3:30pm