"Horse Crap": Oddly Enough, The Amazon Reviews For The Freeh Report Are Mostly Pretty Negative

That is to say, as negative as possible, in every case: the Freeh Report has 44 reviews on Amazon right now, and they are all one star. I mean, that sort of makes sense—who goes on Amazon to give a positive review of the report stemming from an extrajudicial review process?—but on the heels of Franco Harris's mighty… »9/15/12 2:05pm9/15/12 2:05pm


The Freeh Group Acknowledges Some Mistakes In Its Report On Penn State

It's not anything that will cause Franco Harris to race through the streets to declare vindication, nor will this bit of news lead the NCAA to reexamine the sanctions it handed down and say, "Oops!" But the Freeh Group, which had issued the devastating investigative report on Penn State's handling of the Jerry… »7/25/12 1:20pm7/25/12 1:20pm

Before It's Made Public, Louis Freeh's Independent Investigation Of Penn State Will Be Reviewed By Penn State

That's according to what two members of the university's Faculty Council who had met with Freeh last week told ESPN. Freeh, the former director of the FBI, had promised "complete independence" when he was hired by the school in the weeks after the Jerry Sandusky scandal broke. This is from ESPN: »1/19/12 7:15pm1/19/12 7:15pm

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett Explains Why His Jerry Sandusky Investigation Took So Long

A lot of people are wondering why it took the better part of two years for Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett to investigate Jerry Sandusky while Corbett was attorney general. Today, Corbett appeared at a Pennsylvania Press Club luncheon to offer some answers. A grand jury was convened around the summer of 2009 to seek an… »11/21/11 6:00pm11/21/11 6:00pm

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh To Be Part Of Penn State's Investigation Of Penn State [UPDATED]

Members of PSU's Board of Trustees made the announcement at a press conference this morning in Philly. Freeh led the FBI from 1993-2001 and now runs a private investigation firm. Unlike seemingly everyone else involved in the school's in-house inquiry, he appears to have no direct ties to Penn State or to The Second… »11/21/11 11:30am11/21/11 11:30am