Fox Is Still Struggling With Basic Facts About Golfers

It’s the final round of the U.S. Open, and viewers have had myriad and legitimate gripes about Fox in its first year as the tournament’s official broadcaster. One common theme has highlighted the network’s announcers and their lack of knowledge or preparation; here’s an example, in which former British Open champion… »6/21/15 9:17pm6/21/15 9:17pm


TV People Have Mispronounced Louis Oosthuizen's Name At Least 20 Different Ways In The Past 24 Hours

Bubba Watson's sudden-death Masters win yesterday over Louis Oosthuizen and the albatross Oosthuizen hit early in the Sunday round have placed television anchors and reporters in the unenviable position of having to pronounce the name of the South African pro. We found dozens of mispronunciations of Oosthuizen's… »4/09/12 8:30pm4/09/12 8:30pm