Report: I.K. Enemkpali Got Catfished By A Guy Under A Blanket Hiding In The Dark

I.K. Enemkpali, better known as the guy who broke Geno Smith’s jaw, is in the news again, this time for something much, much crazier. According to Outside the Lines, Enemkpali missed his 2011 season opener while attending Louisiana Tech because “he injured his hand when punching a man he thought was a woman with whom… »8/26/15 8:36pm8/26/15 8:36pm


Louisiana Tech Loses To FCS Team; Also Gravity

The Skip Holtz era is in full force at Louisiana Tech, as the Bulldogs turned the ball over five times to FCS squad Northwestern State and lost 30-27 by allowing two scores in the final 65 seconds. (It's Northwestern State's first win over an FBS team in more than nine years.) But is that really so embarrassing… »9/20/14 10:38pm9/20/14 10:38pm

Animal Care Worker Accidentally Killed Louisiana Tech's Bulldog Mascot, Then Tried To Cover It Up

Accidents happen, that's part of life, nothing you can do about it. Sometimes, you even forget to bring inside the beloved bulldog mascot of a major university and the bulldog in question dies of heatstroke. Should you ever find yourself in such a predicament, do not try to cover up the crime. »8/01/12 4:55pm8/01/12 4:55pm