A Year Ago, Diamondbacks 3B Sean Burroughs Was Drinking 8 Slurpees…

Sean Burroughs, if you'll recall, was once the fraught golden boy of early 2000s NL baseball—the smooth-swinging Padres third baseman who could only hit singles. (His career isolated slugging percentage, .078, is only a fuzz better than Juan Pierre's.) But Burroughs has since resuscitated his pro career after a period… » 6/29/11 2:20pm 6/29/11 2:20pm

Now They're Making Fun Of Jay Cutler In The Wisconsin Senate Race

Poor Jay Cutler. Jay Cutler did not ask for any of this. He did not ask to be born with the most hangdoggery hangdog face of all time. He did not ask for you to question his toughness. And he did not ask to become the punchline in the Wisconsin Senate Race. But that is what has happened. » 5/17/11 7:20pm 5/17/11 7:20pm