Golf Fan Loses Hat, Then Beer While Trying To Retrieve Hat

A patron at the Ko Olina resort on Oahu for this weekend's LPGA event there suffered all manner of misfortune when high winds blew his hat into a water hazard. Then, upon trying to retrieve his hat, the golf fan lost his beer. He also, if we're to believe the very amused Golf Channel announcers, had a hell of a time… » 4/16/15 9:09pm 4/16/15 9:09pm

There Was A Kangaroo Delay At The Australian Open

This fantastic photo was taken on the ninth hole of the LPGA Australian Open at Canberra, as Karrie Webb waited for a troop of kangaroos to clear the fairway. This is the same tournament where a Swedish golfer suffered a Black Widow spider bite while attempting to qualify. Australia, you're terrifying and magical and … » 2/14/13 11:25am 2/14/13 11:25am

Annika Sorenstam Accidentally Cut Off The Tip Of Her Finger, Then…

Former LPGA star Annika Sorenstam might be enjoying retirement from competitive golf, but she apparently still has a problem slicing. Yesterday, Sorenstam tweeted a photo of her stitched-up left index finger, which USA Today says she cut last Thursday while slicing chicken as she prepared dinner for friends and family » 1/09/13 5:55pm 1/09/13 5:55pm

LPGA English-Only Policy: Here Come the Lawyas

As if public displeasure were not strong enough against the LPGA's proposed English-only policy, now lawyers have arrived on the scene to pronounce the policy potentially illegal » 8/27/08 2:30pm 8/27/08 2:30pm. Really? Potentially illegal. Every lawyer loves this legal analysis. Everything is potentially illegal. The answer to every legal question…