Jarell Martin Pulls Off In-Game East Bay Funk Dunk 

You won't be faulted for thinking that you're watching a dunk contest here, but Jarell Martin managed to unleash this between-the-legs dunk during LSU's game against Florida today. As a native son of Oakland, I will always call this the East Bay Funk Dunk, so memorably coined by Isaiah "JR" Rider as he won the 1994… » 2/21/15 2:21pm 2/21/15 2:21pm

Fake Kevin Steele Twitter Account Caught Sliding Into DMs To Recruit

Earlier this month LSU hired Alabama linebackers coach Kevin Steele to be their new defensive coordinator. He quickly started up a Twitter account and hit the road recruiting, trying to help LSU bounce back from a disappointing 8-5 season. Former LSU baseball player (and two time World Series champion) Ryan Theriot… » 1/24/15 4:15pm 1/24/15 4:15pm

Hero Chooses Jail Over Snitching On LSU Player For Selling Memorabilia

A Baton Rouge shoe store employee was booked on theft charges after refusing to cooperate with police, who wanted him to name the LSU player who gave him his own game-used gear to sell. » 1/15/15 11:02am 1/15/15 11:02am

Texas A & M Comeback Thwarted By Missed Offside Call

Kyle Allen's attempt to lead the Aggies to a Thanksgiving Night comeback against LSU ended when he threw an interception on what should have been a free play due to the Tigers committing offside—and SEC officials missing the call. » 11/27/14 11:05pm 11/27/14 11:05pm

No. 5 Alabama Survives No. 16 LSU After Yeldon Injury And Turnover

No. 16 LSU and No. 5 Alabama played a pretty boring, low-scoring game tonight, often outdoing each other in terms of offensive ineptitude. » 11/09/14 12:09am 11/09/14 12:09am

Ole Miss Fan Throws Milk-Busting Tantrum Over Loss To LSU

The No. 3 Ole Miss Rebels were upset by the No. 24 LSU Tigers yesterday, and this Ole Miss fan did not handle the loss so well. That poor carton of milk never stood a chance. » 10/26/14 2:44pm 10/26/14 2:44pm

LSU Upsets Ole Miss As Rebels Make Baffling Decision On Final Drive

No. 3 Ole Miss and No. 24 LSU played in pretty much Saturday's only interesting game, and things didn't even get exciting until the end of the fourth quarter. Trailing for most of the night, LSU took a 10-7 lead with just over five minutes to go. » 10/25/14 11:18pm 10/25/14 11:18pm

Colonel Reb Voted Obama: Your College GameDay Sign Roundup

SEC football superiority means SEC GameDay sites and SEC-level GameDay sign humor. (That's increasingly proving to be a bad thing.) » 10/25/14 11:34am 10/25/14 11:34am

MSU's Dillon Day​​ Suspended For Stomping Shit Out Of Two LSU Players

Per Brett McMurphy, the SEC has suspended Mississippi State senior center Dillon Day for one game for "multiple flagrant and unsportsmanlike acts," after he performed flying stomps to the guts and groin areas of two LSU players on Saturday. » 9/23/14 3:18pm 9/23/14 3:18pm

Couple Making Out At LSU Game Take Tumble Down The Bleachers

These two didn't care about LSU football. Hell, they were so into each other that they didn't even care about gravity. But gravity won. » 9/14/14 10:58pm 9/14/14 10:58pm

LSU Completes Off-The-Skull 5-6 Putout

LSU Outfielder Makes One Of The Best Catches You'll Ever See

LSU entered the bottom of the 9th in College Station tonight up 4-0 on Texas A&M. A Tigers pitching meltdown, though, left the bases loaded and the game tied with two outs. A deep opposite-field liner from Aggies infielder Blake Allemand appeared to be a walkoff game-winner—until the LSU left fielder jumped. » 5/03/14 12:07am 5/03/14 12:07am

Les Miles Is Here To Drop Some Thanksgiving Knowledge On You

Les Miles seems to be making a habit out of waxing poetic about holidays. It wasn't long ago that he revealed the true meaning of Columbus Day to us, and now he's here to remind us to be appreciate all that we have this Thanksgiving. Thanks, Uncle Les. » 11/25/13 5:35pm 11/25/13 5:35pm

A Three-Man Front Is A Late-Game Defensive Formation For Suckers

The weekend, as I watched the absurd denouement of the Northwestern-Michigan game, something struck me as familiar — beyond the now-routine bumblefuckery that inspires the Wildcats to turn fourth-quarter leads into triple-overtime losses. No, it wasn't simply that Michigan drove in the dregs of game clock to kick the… » 11/20/13 8:09pm 11/20/13 8:09pm