The Professional Is Deeply Problematic, Profoundly Cool, And Very '90s

Imagine the elevator pitch for The Professional. “Okay, so we’ve got this hitman, right? Only he’s not a cool hitman: He’s great at killing, but he’s also childlike, off-kilter, possibly on the spectrum. He doesn’t really have any friends or talk to anyone outside of ‘work.’ We’ll make sure he doesn’t speak English… »5/15/15 12:04pm5/15/15 12:04pm


The Gonzo District B13 Proves That Parkour Was Good For Something

Right now, someone, somewhere, is trying to turn Ice Bucket Challenge: The Movie into a thing. That's how it works: These little movements bubble up from nowhere, briefly seize the collective imagination, and then disappear in a ball of smoke before some asshole figures out a way to monetize the thing. But some… »9/04/14 1:52pm9/04/14 1:52pm

Scarlett Johansson Enters The Matrix: Lucy, Reviewed

1. Lucy posits that if a person were able to somehow assess 100 percent of his or her brain capacity, he or she would be able to travel through time, from the Big Bang to the dinosaurs to the dawn of man to the end of the world, and gather all the wisdom from millennia and hand it over as a gift to humanity. This… »7/25/14 1:05pm7/25/14 1:05pm