Andrelton Simmons Is Good At Baseball Tricks. His Teammates Are Not

Remember that old Nike commercial in which Tiger Woods did that awesome bouncing-ball trick? You know, the one that every kid within 15 miles of a driving range spent the next two years trying to duplicate. Well, a few Atlanta Braves players recently tried to execute a baseball-themed version of the same trick.… »7/30/13 9:50am7/30/13 9:50am


This Is How Relievers Try To Pick Up Ladies Before Ballgames

Say you're a reliever on a newly compelling major league baseball team that rolls into another AL town in the middle of August. Like the Baltimore Orioles' Luis Ayala, for instance. Say you haven't pitched in a few days and you're more bored than you usually are in August, which is very bored. Like the Baltimore… »8/27/12 6:05pm8/27/12 6:05pm