World Cup Champions Take Selfie On The Pitch Right After Their Match

If this is some dumb viral ad, I'm going to be so angry, because this is a nice photo of Lukas Podolski and Bastian Schweinsteiger after Germany won the World Cup. » 7/13/14 6:46pm 7/13/14 6:46pm

Lukas Podolski Scores Goal Six Seconds Into Match Against Ecuador

The German national team traveled to Boca Raton, Fla., today to take on Ecuador in an international friendly, and the Ecuadorians wasted no time in serving up a big bucket of suck. Ecuador unwisely played the opening kick toward its own goal, and it took only six seconds for German striker Lukas Podolski to send home… » 5/29/13 6:17pm 5/29/13 6:17pm

How ESPN Ditched Journalism And Followed Skip Bayless To The Bottom: A…

In October, Doug Gottlieb, a radio host and basketball analyst who'd decamped for CBS the previous month after nine years with ESPN, went on The Dan Patrick Show and dropped something of a truth bomb about his time in Bristol: » 11/12/12 2:32pm 11/12/12 2:32pm

Did ESPN Really Make Up An Entire Interview With German Striker Lukas…

We can thank our friends at Awful Announcing for this latest head-scratcher from ESPN. Yesterday, ESPNSoccernet published an interview Nick Bidwell ostensibly had with Lukas Podolski, a German soccer player. As you can see, if you click the link, that article is no longer available. » 7/15/12 10:30am 7/15/12 10:30am