Luke Donald Was Ratted Out By Masters Spectators

Englishman Luke Donald had a rough first round at the Masters, carding a 77 even before being notified of a two-stroke penalty for a bunker shot on nine. It seems Donald grounded his club with the ball still in the sand, and nobody would have noticed—if not for a couple of eagle-eyed fans who tattled on him, almost by… »4/11/14 2:01pm4/11/14 2:01pm


Dufnering Is Now A Thing, Thanks To A Gaggle Of Silly Pro Golfers

Yesterday we posted a photo of golfer Jason Dufner visiting a community center and looking supremely downtrodden. Today, golfers all across the land are razzing Dufner, who's been chipper enough about the whole thing, by mimicking his pose. Dufnering! It's a thing! Bubba Watson, who Dufnered in the photo above against… »3/29/13 11:44am3/29/13 11:44am

Who Will Win This Year's U.S. Open? Probably Someone You've Never Heard Of

Golf's major tournaments just haven't been that interesting lately. Over the last 17 majors, there have been 16 winners. In theory, this could be nice! A little diversity, a little surprise. But since Tiger's sabbatical, we've lost any hope of narrative. Individual sports thrive on story lines, rivalries and dominance… »6/14/12 11:55am6/14/12 11:55am

Luke Donald Was Nearly Disqualified From The Masters Because Someone Didn't Read A Fax Properly

Controversy at Augusta! There was some debate about whether Luke Donald shot a 5 or a 3 at the par-4 fifth hole in today's opening round. Donald's scorecard showed a 3, but a bunch of eagle-eyed sportswriters no doubt watching on TV from the media tent looked up from their catered lunch to notice he had actually… »4/05/12 7:00pm4/05/12 7:00pm