How A GOP Strategist Tells The Panthers To Market Their Stars

Top political strategist Frank Luntz is the man setting Roger Goodell's message, but he's also working with individual teams, including in Washington, Chicago, and Carolina, to market their star players. Below you'll find LuntzGlobal's notes on three Carolina Panthers players and how best to sell them to fans. »9/23/14 1:03pm9/23/14 1:03pm

Why Officials Picked Up The Flag And Gave Carolina The Win

The non-call that ended the Panthers' win over the Patriots was a bad call. Not a historically terrible one, in a vacuum: worse missed penalties and more egregious undeserved flags happen every week in the NFL. But on the last play of the game, a supremely entertaining slugfest between two Super Bowl contenders,… »11/19/13 9:38am11/19/13 9:38am

How The Panthers' Luke Kuechly Salvaged A Seemingly Lost Season

The Panthers played a strange game against the Saints on Sunday. The final score makes it look like a potential classic: The Panthers won 44-38. So does the attached statistical story: Drew Brees cleared 5,000 yards on the season, completing 29 of 43 for 396 and four touchdowns. But then one looks more closely and… »1/02/13 12:50pm1/02/13 12:50pm