Michelle Beadle's Final Day At ESPN Included A Licking From Mackerel…

The very first time Deadspin mentioned Michelle Beadle, it was to feature a video of her being eaten by inflatable ZOOperstars mascot Mackerel Jordan. It's fitting, then, her departure from ESPN (a nine minute long staged ceremony that was equal parts sweet and contrived) had her saying goodbyes to ESPN talent,… » 6/02/12 9:00am 6/02/12 9:00am

Inflatable Dong-Tongued Mascot Returns To Eat ESPN's Michelle Beadle

Mackerel Jordan, last seen devouring hapless university athletic department employees, appeared on SportsNation yesterday. After being mocked by Michelle Beadle, the man-fish did what man-fish do best: feast. » 3/11/10 12:50pm 3/11/10 12:50pm