At Least One Newspaper Thinks The Heat Won

They're looking to punch every one of you in the gut with a Macy's ad congratulating the Heat on their title, and offering championship gear for sale. Which...still doesn't really make a lot of sense, considering that if Miami had won last night, the series would still be going on. Oh well. Instead of El Salvador, can… » 6/13/11 10:20am 6/13/11 10:20am

Reds Pitcher Mike Leake Allegedly Tries To Make Off With $59.88 In…

Well, this is kind of silly. Mike Leake, he who brought you so much delight in the first half of your NL-only fantasy league last year, with his mediocre stuff and good luck, was booked today by the Cincinnati police on misdemeanor theft charges. » 4/18/11 4:55pm 4/18/11 4:55pm

Another Macy's Miracle

This full-page ad for Phillies championship gear is apparently running in the Philadelphia Inquirer today (Update: They're awfully sorry!) even after the marketing director specifically said "Tegucigalpa Daily News." Even Brad Lidge can't save this disaster. [PhillyTalk] » 11/02/09 10:30am 11/02/09 10:30am