I'd Never Watched Mad Men Before; Here's My Take On The Crap Finale

I missed my chance to be a Mad Men watcher something like five years ago, when I was hopelessly unemployed and torrenting God knows how how many consecutive life sentences’ worth of shit, but I didn’t get on board, and friends said it was probably not a show you want to binge. (This is code for “Boring But Important… »5/18/15 4:24pm5/18/15 4:24pm

Roberta Flack And Don Draper, Together At Last

With the end of AMC’s Mad Men in sight, there have been any number of reflective essays on the show, with existential topics ranging from “What Does It All Mean?” to “Is That All There Is?” Of particular interest to obsessive music fans is Chris Molanphy’s deep dive into the soundtrack for NPR; he explains that “the… »4/24/15 3:42pm4/24/15 3:42pm

Mad Men With The Dialogue Removed: Episode Two

Just like last week, we’ve selected key scenes from last night’s Mad Men episode to illustrate the role sound design and music play in setting the tone for prestige TV (and because, well, it’s neat). Last night’s episode once again featured music by David Carbonara, with sound mixing by Peter Bentley, boom… »4/13/15 2:01pm4/13/15 2:01pm

Last Night's Mad Men, With The Dialogue Removed

Mad Men's final season began last night (technically, this is part two of the final season, but nobody really buys that), and while the visuals (Roger's mustache! Don's lonely apartment!) and Matthew Weiner's dialogue tend to get most of the attention from critics and viewers alike, there's a great deal of sound… »4/06/15 9:50am4/06/15 9:50am

Game Of OMG's: How The Internet Became One Giant Spoiler Alert

I can't stop thinking about Ginsberg's nipple. While shearing off that irksome "valve" may have relieved some pressure and brought a measure of peace to Mad Men's resident alien, even a month later, it still stares at me from its dainty gift box as a symbol of sadness and frustration, and a reminder that computers… »6/13/14 12:12pm6/13/14 12:12pm

Mad Men Refresher: Everything You Need To Know About Everyone

Mad Men returns for its seventh and final season this Sunday—make that the first half of its seventh and final season, because far be it from AMC to let a prestigious cash cow die without milking it vigorously (and prestigiously). Like Breaking Bad, the final season will be split across two years, eight episodes per,… »4/11/14 1:00pm4/11/14 1:00pm

Jon Hamm To Star In That Disney Movie About Those Pitchers From India The Pirates Signed

According to Deadline Hollywood, the Mad Men star and former Deadspin commenter will play a leading role in the upcoming Disney treatment of Million Dollar Arm. Hamm will play J.B. Bernstein, the real-life sports agent who "discovered" Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel and got them deals with the Pittsburgh Pirates a few… »5/10/12 10:45am5/10/12 10:45am

Jon Hamm, Who Used To Comment On Deadspin, Clarifies His Involvement With Texas Longhorns Baseball

We posted a story earlier today about a story Mad Men star Jon Hamm told on Letterman last night. Hamm told Letterman that he was tempted to walk onto the baseball team at the University of Texas, but Longhorns ace Roger Clemens intimidated him. But Hamm was in junior high when Clemens left UT. We were flummoxed. So… »3/02/12 7:50pm3/02/12 7:50pm