Watch Some Dude Pull His Hamstring for a Copy of Madden

Down in Florida this week, EA Sports challenged people to run the NFL's all-important 40-yard dash—traveled nearly 25 years ago by one Barry Sanders of Wichita, Kansas in 4.37 seconds—and offering copies of Madden NFL 25 to 100 winners. We hope the guy at 0:16 got one as a consolation prize. » 8/24/13 1:18pm 8/24/13 1:18pm

Ten Years Later, Michael Vick Would Have a Harder Time Breaking Madden

Michael Vick may, for the rest of his life, remain a contemptible stereotype to much of the public: A brutal or stupid man. A laughingstock. A guy who did federal time. Still, there is one aspect of his football career that cleanly escapes the wreckage of his personal scandal, that lives on almost as a separate… » 8/04/13 5:57pm 8/04/13 5:57pm