YouTube Cofounder Just Bought (Part) of a Los Angeles Sports Team

Wealthy tech executives like investing in sports team for the same reason they like investing in restaurants: it guarantees them a seat. And YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley just bought a front row view of the Los Angeles Football Club, alongside co-owners Magic Johnson, Mia Hamm, motivational maniac Tony Robbins, and… »11/03/14 11:23am11/03/14 11:23am

Danny Ferry Apologizes To Magic Johnson For Racist Remarks

Danny Ferry and Magic Johnson had a meeting Tuesday night to talk about Ferry's racist comments, according to tweets sent out by Johnson. The on-leave Ferry called Johnson to set up the meeting and apologize, and it apparently worked as Johnson tweeted that Ferry deserves a second chance in the NBA. Two weeks ago… »9/23/14 8:22pm9/23/14 8:22pm

Donald Sterling's AC360 Interview Went Worse Than You Thought It Could

In a rambling and terribly-advised interview with Anderson Cooper aired tonight on CNN, Clippers owner Donald Sterling attempted (and failed) to explain himself, inadvertently bringing up Cooper's sexuality along the way—while slamming Magic Johnson and other rich African-Americans for being stingy with their charity. »5/12/14 9:14pm5/12/14 9:14pm

Greatest Inbounder, Dumbest Guy, And Other Unsung Heroes Of Showtime

My interview with Jeff Pearlman, author of Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley, and the Los Angeles Lakers Dynasty of the 1980s, which was recently excerpted on Deadspin. We spoke about Pearlman's complicated portrait of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the "historically dumb" Mark Landsberger, why Kurt Rambis was the greatest… »3/21/14 10:29am3/21/14 10:29am

The Dodgers Might Open The 2014 Season In Australia

Australia, while not on the level of Japan, does love it some baseball. The history of the sport there dates back to the 1850s, and the domestic Australian Baseball League is profitable for the first time ever—thanks in part to funding from MLB. The ABL is increasingly becoming a legitimate winter league for American… »10/25/12 10:20am10/25/12 10:20am