Dan Borislow Told His Players To Call Him "Daddy," And Other Tales From A Miserable MagicJack Locker Room

We've told you all about Dan Borislow, the renegade owner who managed to bring down the whole of Women's Professional Soccer. His abusive, racist, sexist emails. His "Batmobile-like motorcycle." His complete inability to run a team, and his total unwillingness to market it. »2/01/12 1:15pm2/01/12 1:15pm


"I Expected Nothing Less From A Bunch Of Blithering Idiots": The Angry Emails That Helped Cost Boca Raton Its All-Star Pro Soccer Team

Last month, we shared with you the bare details of Dan Borislow's brief, messy reign as owner of magicJack, the franchise that Women's Professional Soccer elected to terminate in late October after just a single season of play in Boca Raton, Fla. »11/30/11 2:00pm11/30/11 2:00pm

How Boca Raton Lost Its All-Star Pro Soccer Team Without Even Trying

The Boca Raton magicJack should have been the most marketable franchise in Women's Professional Soccer. The squad, formerly the D.C.-based Washington Freedom, was bought before the 2011 season by millionaire Dan Borislow, who renamed it after his own telecom product and moved it near his Florida home. The roster had… »10/28/11 11:15am10/28/11 11:15am