Jozy Altidore, The Striker Who Never Was, Is Coming Back Home

Yesterday, news broke that perennial Premier League bottom feeders Sunderland had reached a swap deal with Major League Soccer. American striker Jozy Altidore is leaving Sunderland for MLS's Toronto FC. English striker Jermain Defoe, who just joined Toronto FC from Tottenham last summer, is going to Sunderland. The… »1/14/15 5:58pm1/14/15 5:58pm

Getting Ready For MLS? Allow Us To Convince You Otherwise

It's about that time of the year again! Timber Joey is gassing up his chainsaw, Thierry Henry is stretching those creaking joints, and Michael Bradley is getting ready to lace up his boots, the prodigal son back on (well, North) American soil after so many years away. Yep, Major League Soccer, the land of has-beens… »3/06/14 3:37pm3/06/14 3:37pm

Why Won't The Premier League Protect Its Players From Concussions?

Sports are brutal. Just a few weeks ago, we all watched boxer Francisco Leal get knocked out, never to regain consciousness. People who watch football, hockey or lacrosse see broken bones, ripped ligaments, spinal injuries, and concussions on an almost weekly basis. These are viewed as gladiator sports, in which… »11/22/13 11:37am11/22/13 11:37am

Major League Soccer Wants Nothing To Do With The Boy Scouts Anymore

Just days after the Boy Scouts of America confirmed it was still a haven for the ignorant, Major League Soccer announced that it will not renew its relationship with the badge-obsessed group before the ink could even dry on the agreement. The two organizations announced their relationship, termed an "alliance" by the… »7/21/12 4:30pm7/21/12 4:30pm

Doc Emrick Reads Promo For MLS, Is Unable To Avoid Ripping Soccer Players For Diving

As NBC Sports Network's Stanley Cup Playoff coverage winds down, the network is transitioning to its key summer coverage to fill the gap until the London Olympics arrive: Major League Soccer. We've long admired NBC's top hockey announcer Doc Emrick for his no-bullshit approach to the game, and it appears that… »5/22/12 10:45am5/22/12 10:45am

Fredy Montero's Long-Range Strike Is A Worthy Response To Yesterday's Cissé Golazo

We brought you a highlight yesterday of what's probably the best goal scored in European soccer this season, and it was almost as if a reply that Major League Soccer brought its own "you can only do that in a video game" highlight stateside last evening. Fitting, then, that it was Fredy Montero of the Xbox-sponsored… »5/03/12 4:20pm5/03/12 4:20pm

Houston Dynamo's Colin Clark Calls Ball Boy A "Fuckin' Faggot," Offers Weak Apology

As noted earlier today on Dirty Tackle, Houston Dynamo winger Colin Clark is under fire for blowing up on a ball boy early in last night's match in Seattle. His apology (through Twitter) was of the typical "I didn't mean to disrespect anyone" variety and suggests Clark hasn't been exposed to those ubiquitous NBA "… »3/24/12 6:12pm3/24/12 6:12pm

Philadelphia Goalkeeper Zac McMath's MLS Season Did Not Get Off To The Best Start

Major League Soccer kicked off this weekend, and with MLS Commissioner Don Garber in attendance, the Portland Timbers were eager to put on their best show in the home opener against Philadelphia Union last night. After falling behind 1-0, the Timbers' Andrew Jean-Baptiste knocked this goal past Union keeper Zac… »3/13/12 10:00am3/13/12 10:00am