If You Want To Be A Pro Soccer Player, It Helps To Be Born In January

You've probably heard the Malcolm Gladwell spiel about Canadian hockey players—namely, that a massive number of them are born in January. As it turns out, this isn't just a hockey thing. Scraping birthdays from transfermarkt.de, David Bauer has found a very similar effect among professional soccer players, displayed… » 4/11/14 6:22pm 4/11/14 6:22pm

Malcolm Gladwell, Professional Softball Player

Wildly successful proverb investigator Malcolm Gladwell is a writer for The New Yorker, the most prestigious magazine journalism outlet in America. Despite this fact, he says that—as a policy—he does not do journalism. » 10/07/13 11:43am 10/07/13 11:43am

Trope-Recycling Bill Simmons Has Bill Simmons Syndrome

Bill Simmons this week mused on the fate of Dwight Howard, who appears to be the NBA's equivalent of plutonium: a potential world-beater but perilously radioactive. To characterize the gap between Perceived Dwight Howard and Actual Dwight Howard, the founder of Grantland and ESPN spittling-head did something very Bill… » 5/25/13 4:51pm 5/25/13 4:51pm

Malcolm Gladwell Turns Jerry Sandusky Into A Parable By Leaving Out…

This week's New Yorker brings a new retelling of the Jerry Sandusky story, this one from pop-think guru Malcolm Gladwell. In his usual this-thing-explains-that-thing mode, Gladwell cites case histories of two other prominent pedophiles, using those stories to explain how Penn State failed to act on what appears, in… » 9/18/12 5:10pm 9/18/12 5:10pm

Field Trip: Simmons And Gladwell At The New Yorker Festival, Falling In…

Ever wondered how the chummy love-fest email exchanges between Malcolm Gladwell and Bill Simmons translate when the two meet face-to-face? Well, it's kind of like when a "certain kind of person" meets another "certain kind of person." I'll explain. » 10/03/10 1:15pm 10/03/10 1:15pm

Excerpts From "Underlying Ass(ets): What Venus Williams's Bottom Tells…

Napkin Gladwell is a journalist and bestselling author of books people read on airplanes. He occasionally provides Deadspin with excerpts of his upcoming essays. » 1/22/10 5:15pm 1/22/10 5:15pm

Which Former NBA Star Had An Affair With Some Guy Malcolm Gladwell Met…

And no, it is not the guy in the picture, I am fairly certain. But the beauty of Malcolm Gladwell is, I now know who Adonal Foyle is! » 12/19/09 8:41pm 12/19/09 8:41pm

Gladwell, I Am Told, Is Often Misunderstood

Deadspin's part-time weekend wrecker Moe Tkacik has penned an epically long story about Bill Simmons admirer and pezzy-haired cultural point-tipper Malcolm Gladwell for "The Nation." Feast.[The Nation] » 11/05/09 4:45pm 11/05/09 4:45pm

Malcolm Gladwell Demands Bill Simmons Be An NBA GM

Bill Simmons' new doorstop of a book arrives in stores tomorrow. In a canny move, he had Malcolm Gladwell pen the foreword. And what does Fry Guy do in that foreword? » 10/26/09 3:45pm 10/26/09 3:45pm

The Sportswriting Of Malcolm Gladwell Reaches A Tipping Point

By now, you've probably made it through all three parts of the Simmons-Gladwell ESPN.com tandem bike ride. Let's thin-slice! Here's my reaction: Could Malcolm Gladwell please stick to being wrong about dog trainers and Enron? » 5/15/09 12:40pm 5/15/09 12:40pm

Malcolm Gladwell Wants To Know Why Your Team Doesn't Press More

There's a very lengthy article in The New Yorker this week, from uber-contrarian Malcolm Gladwell arguing that basketball teams should press more often, because it helps weak teams upset strong ones. (Except when it doesn't.) » 5/04/09 4:50pm 5/04/09 4:50pm

You Should Wikipedia Kevin Garnett Sometime, He's A Fascinating Fellow

I actually did know who Kevin Garnett was before today. In fact, we talked one time. It was a conference call though, lacking in intimacy. Those were the days before you could Wikipedia helpful icebreakers. » 4/18/09 1:35pm 4/18/09 1:35pm

Revisiting All The Old Records

Either New Yorker and "The Tipping Point" author Malcolm Gladwell is just angry because Barry Bonds is the only human who might actually have a bigger head than he does, or he might actually be onto something. Gladwell, who says "Game Of Shadows" is "a death sentence for Bonds," suggests hiring a team of forensic… » 4/10/06 4:15pm 4/10/06 4:15pm

Who Would Win In A Fight: Bill Simmons or Malcolm Gladwell?

After what had been a considerable hiatus, our boy Bill Simmons is cranking out his Curious Guy segments like crazy these days. We had David Stern just a week ago, and now, punching back in his weight class, he banters with "The Tipping Point" author Malcolm Gladwell for, let's see, 5,000 words ... and it's only Part… » 3/02/06 1:45pm 3/02/06 1:45pm