Totally Amped Male Cheerleader Almost Cost Louisville A Game

A guy who feels inclined to formally root, root, root for the Louisville Cardinals men's basketball team decided to rally himself out onto the court with 0.3 seconds left in overtime of today's game vs. Pittsburgh. Per the CBS announcers, Pitt got two free throws for the technical violation. The shots were hit. The… » 2/27/11 6:15pm 2/27/11 6:15pm

Oh Gosh Todd, You Shouldn't Have Said That

Male cheerleaders have their place in life, we suppose. Who else can we mock mercilessly and string up by the heels from flagpoles? I mean, who else who can't fight back? We laugh at their spiffy routines and tight-fitting sweater-and-slacks combinations, occasionally one becomes President, and life goes on. But damn… » 12/28/07 1:35pm 12/28/07 1:35pm