Manchester City's Aleks Kolarov Grumbles The Least Enthusiastic "Jingle Bells" Ever

Manchester City is doing an online "Advent Calendar" for December, featuring a different player in a daily holiday video. Sunday's video featured defender Aleks Kolarov singing "Jingle Bells." OK, maybe calling it "singing" is a bit generous. After watching this, you'll be infected by whatever the opposite of… »12/04/12 12:25pm12/04/12 12:25pm


Only A Soccer Match Could Send Noel Gallagher Through Such A Roller Coaster Of Emotions

Few fans of Manchester City are more fervent than of Noel Gallagher, formerly of Oasis. Unfortunately, he couldn't be in the UK when Man City made its incredible injury-time comeback against Queens Park Rangers to clinch its first Premier League title in 44 years. But a camera crew was there when a bar owner in… »9/11/12 9:45pm9/11/12 9:45pm

Carlos Tevez Happily Wields "R.I.P. Fergie" Sign At Man City's Parade

After a miracle at Etihad, two goals in stoppage time, gave City its first title since 1968, the team today celebrated with a parade. The trophy was carried through the streets of Manchester on an open-top bus, attended by delirious fans and at least one jubilant forward who does not forgive or forget. »5/14/12 3:45pm5/14/12 3:45pm

Mario Balotelli Hangs Out With Strippers, Scores The Next Day, May Be Out $396,000

Just a routine weekend in Liverpool, really. On Saturday, Balotelli scored his 14th goal of the season for Manchester City as they went on to beat the Bolton Wanderers 2-0. But it was his Friday night stripper sighting that concerns us—and may cost him. Balotelli was reportedly spotted leaving a Liverpool "lap… »3/04/12 2:59pm3/04/12 2:59pm