Manchester City's Aleks Kolarov Grumbles The Least Enthusiastic "Jingle…

Manchester City is doing an online "Advent Calendar" for December, featuring a different player in a daily holiday video. Sunday's video featured defender Aleks Kolarov singing "Jingle Bells." OK, maybe calling it "singing" is a bit generous. After watching this, you'll be infected by whatever the opposite of… » 12/04/12 12:25pm 12/04/12 12:25pm

Only A Soccer Match Could Send Noel Gallagher Through Such A Roller…

Few fans of Manchester City are more fervent than of Noel Gallagher, formerly of Oasis. Unfortunately, he couldn't be in the UK when Man City made its incredible injury-time comeback against Queens Park Rangers to clinch its first Premier League title in 44 years. But a camera crew was there when a bar owner in… » 9/11/12 9:45pm 9/11/12 9:45pm

Carlos Tevez Happily Wields "R.I.P. Fergie" Sign At Man City's Parade

After a miracle at Etihad, two goals in stoppage time, gave City its first title since 1968, the team today celebrated with a parade. The trophy was carried through the streets of Manchester on an open-top bus, attended by delirious fans and at least one jubilant forward who does not forgive or forget. » 5/14/12 3:45pm 5/14/12 3:45pm

Mario Balotelli Hangs Out With Strippers, Scores The Next Day, May Be…

Just a routine weekend in Liverpool, really. On Saturday, Balotelli scored his 14th goal of the season for Manchester City as they went on to beat the Bolton Wanderers 2-0. But it was his Friday night stripper sighting that concerns us—and may cost him. Balotelli was reportedly spotted leaving a Liverpool "lap… » 3/04/12 2:59pm 3/04/12 2:59pm

Aaron Rodgers Is A Miserable Bandwagoner

Hey, it's Aaron Rodgers wearing a Man City jersey! Wow, it's awesome to find a longtime fan of the Blues in the NFL, and in Wisconsin of all places. Aaron, I totally love your respect for one of the more under-supported Premier League clubs, and I know you're a real devoted fan, not just some poser in a United or… » 12/14/11 1:30pm 12/14/11 1:30pm

Mario Balotelli: Still A Delightful Train Wreck

There exists a 43-slide slidehow entitled "The Complete History of Mario Balotelli's Shenanigans." Familiarize yourself if you need to. The man is a magnet for madness, but he has more of a childlike innocence than a malicious streak. He does what he does because he just doesn't conceive of doing it any other way. » 12/12/11 4:30pm 12/12/11 4:30pm