2013 Deadspin HOF Inductees: Manti Te'o's Dead Girlfriend And Buttfumble

The Story Behind The Story: The Manti Te'o Hoax

Let's go behind the scenes of one of our most notable stories from 2013. Here's how "Manti Te'o's Dead Girlfriend, The Most Heartbreaking And Inspirational Story Of The College Football Season, Is A Hoax" came to be. » 12/27/13 3:47pm 12/27/13 3:47pm

2013 Deadspin Hall Of Fame Nominee: Manti Te'o's Dead Girlfriend

Lennay Kekua was the heartbreaking story of the 2012 college football season. She was the young, beautiful girlfriend of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o, but she died that September. The way the narrative went, her death served as an inspiration for what would become a charmed season, both for Te'o and for the… » 11/26/13 12:15pm 11/26/13 12:15pm

Opera Star: I'm Obsessed With Manti Te'o

Nico Muhly, the young composer behind the very buzzy opera Two Boys, has a bit of an obsession with Manti Te'o. Two Boys, currently running at the Metropolitan Opera, has a Te'oish plot: It's about a teenage boy who assumed numerous online personalities in order to convince an older teenage boy to—this is, amazingly,… » 10/31/13 4:07pm 10/31/13 4:07pm

Watch For This "RIP Lennay Kekua" Sign In Oakland Tonight

A couple of Oakland fans plan on honoring the memory of Manti Te'o's dead, fake girlfriend by hanging this sign in O.co's Black Hole for tonight's game against San Diego (at 11:35 pm ET, remember). » 10/06/13 5:35pm 10/06/13 5:35pm

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Sued Over The One True Thing He Told Manti Te'o

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, who masterminded the hoax behind Manti Te'o's fake dead girlfriend, is being sued in Los Angeles Superior Court by a friend who claims he suffered brain damage after a March 2012 auto accident while riding in a car driven by Tuiasosopo. » 10/02/13 5:55pm 10/02/13 5:55pm

Manti Te'o Is Now A San Diego Charger

Well, it took a day longer than expected, but former Notre Dame inside linebacker Manti Te'o, whom we've enjoyed following over the past three months and change, has finally found himself an NFL home. He went with pick No. 38 to the San Diego Chargers, a real NFL team, albeit one with a doctor who seems fictitious. » 4/26/13 7:24pm 4/26/13 7:24pm

Te'o Still Has An Odd Explanation For Skipping Girlfriend's Funeral

After all that waiting—you were waiting for this, right?—the NFL draft has finally popped up on our calendars. Which means it's as good a time as ever for fresh eyes to try to figure out what exactly happened with Manti Te'o, who could go toward the end of tonight's first round (although he won't be in the building),… » 4/25/13 3:21pm 4/25/13 3:21pm

Somebody Took Over Manti Te'o's Old Twitter Account And Is Reviving His…

Just when we thought things on the Manti Te'o/Lennay Kekua front were over, they got weird again. Earlier this month, an unknown individual assumed control of Manti Te'o's deleted Twitter account, recreated its appearance, and started tweeting. The tweets weren't original, though; they were recycled from Te'o's own… » 3/30/13 7:25pm 3/30/13 7:25pm

Manti Te'o's 40-Yard-Dash Was Slightly Better Than His Last 40-Yard-Dash

After an unimpressive time at the NFL combine, Manti Te'o gave the 40-yard-dash another shot at Notre Dame's pro day in South Bend. And true to his word, Te'o beat his old mark by about a tenth of a second. Fast? Faster, at least. » 3/26/13 3:02pm 3/26/13 3:02pm

NFL GMs Want To Know If Manti Te'o Is Gay

The NFL scouting combine is an utterly useless event that exists for the sole purpose of maintaining the league's grip on the consciousness of the American sports fan as far into the offseason as possible. We only pay attention to it because we are told to pay attention to it. It's like the Valentine's Day of the… » 2/25/13 2:20pm 2/25/13 2:20pm

Manti Te'o Says That If He Were Still Embarrased By The Whole Fake…

Remember when Manti Te'o was boring? I remember half-watching the Heisman ceremony in December and thinking that Te'o seemed like a non-entity—someone who made Collin Klein, a man about whom the most interesting facts are the extra "L" in his first name and that he basically didn't touch his wife before they got… » 2/23/13 3:20pm 2/23/13 3:20pm

The Associated Press Has Finally Gone About Correcting Its Lennay Kekua…

Whoever said print media wasn't nimble? It's been three weeks and two days since we published our initial story, "Manti Te'o's Dead Girlfriend, The Most Heartbreaking And Inspirational Story Of The College Football Season, Is A Hoax." The Te'o story has made its rounds through the national media between then and… » 2/08/13 3:25pm 2/08/13 3:25pm

Manti Te'o Enjoyed Beyoncé's Halftime Show, Appears To Have Deleted His…

This was not Manti Te'o's last tweet under the handle @mteo_5, it was the second-to-last tweet. If you look for @mteo_5 it is gone, but it's possible he's still out there under a new handle. » 2/04/13 11:53pm 2/04/13 11:53pm

Here’s Manti Te’o Hoaxer Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Performing What He Claims…

When the first part of Dr. Phil's exclusive interview with Ronaiah Tuiasosopo concluded yesterday, we were left with a cliffhanger: would Ronaiah finally give in to the good Doctor's demands and perform the voice of Lennay Kekua? Today we got the answer: sort of. [Update, March 3, 2014: The video has been removed.] » 2/01/13 10:29am 2/01/13 10:29am