The Time Manute Bol Hit Six Three-Pointers In A Half

Reader Max sent along this video because he'd never seen it before, never even heard of one of the weirdest NBA happenings of all time, and he thought more people should see it. I support that sentiment entirely: everyone should watch highlights of the night 22 years ago when 7-foot-7 Manute Bol decided he only wanted… » 12/03/14 1:13pm 12/03/14 1:13pm

Manute Bol's Son Is 6'5" And In Seventh Grade

When basketball legend Manute Bol passed away in 2010, he left behind 10 children. Bol Bol, one of his sons, is in seventh grade and already 6'5". And yes, he plays basketball. In the above video from a recent camp in Indianapolis, the gangly Bol resembles a middle-school version of his father. Considering Manute… » 10/09/12 1:00pm 10/09/12 1:00pm

Did Manute Bol Coin The Phrase "My Bad"?

Well, maybe he didn't invent it (see also: Shakespeare, William), but he certainly helped popularize it among the NBA and its fans. That guy's death was a damn shame. [Language Log, via, via, via] » 6/22/10 2:00am 6/22/10 2:00am

Deadspin Classic: Manute Bol, Always And Forever, Larger Than Life

Manute Bol died today at 47. In 2006, Rick Chandler caught up with him as he worked to bring relief to his native Sudan. "How can I stay in America and live a good life," Bol asked, "when my people are suffering?" » 6/19/10 9:30pm 6/19/10 9:30pm

Manute Bol Is Not Doing Well

Former NBA giant Manute Bol in serious condition in a Virginia hospital, suffering from kidney failure and something called Stevens–Johnson syndrome. All this because he spent the last several months building schools in Sudan. » 5/18/10 8:10pm 5/18/10 8:10pm

Manute Bol And Spud Webb Can Sell Chicken

We're not going to harp on this, and we're not going to try to steal their luster, so we're just gonna beg you to sprint over to Wizznutzz and check out what is truly "the greatest piece of sports memorabilia of all time. » 11/08/07 4:40pm 11/08/07 4:40pm

Manute Bol, Being Boxed Again

Remember earlier this month, when we spotlighted former NBAer Manute Bol and his heroic efforts to shed light on the horrors currently going on in Darfur? Well, we still think his cause is noble, but some new news has us less convinced about him. » 2/28/06 11:15am 2/28/06 11:15am

Always And Forever, Larger Than Life

We tend to be pretty jokey around here (so that you don't have to), but every once and a while an athlete will pop up and exhibit enough true character and bravery out in the real world to kind of mess with our equilibrium. Manute Bol is such a guy. Perhaps most famous for being the only NBA player who could peer into… » 2/02/06 11:00am 2/02/06 11:00am