What Are New York City's Most Popular Dog Names?

What's the typical New York dog? Is it a yippy little terrier named Lucky leaving little brown obstacles for Upper East Side pedestrians? Is it a retriever named Bella tolerating the demon children of Park Slope? Is it a shih tzu named Gizmo humping joggers' legs in Van Cortlandt Park? We took a look at some data… »7/17/14 3:54pm7/17/14 3:54pm

Is New Hampshire Really The Drunkest State In The Union?

The National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) has released its 2014 report on alcohol consumption in the United States, with figures for per capita alcohol consumption updated through 2012. Converting various boozes to pure ethanol volumes, the researchers estimated that the country as a whole drank… »6/11/14 12:17pm6/11/14 12:17pm

How Gotham City Got Mapped

It's tough to build a great fantasy world without a map—there's a reason why the Game of Thrones credits are basically a Google Earth flyover—and comic book worlds are no exception. While Batman's "Gotham City" has been around since 1940, it wasn't properly mapped until 1998's "No Man's Land" arc. Over at the… »6/02/14 5:46pm6/02/14 5:46pm

Map: Do You Live Near More Bars, Or More Grocery Stores?

Over on Flowing Data, Nathan Yau has put together a new series of maps comparing whether bars or grocery stores are more common in different parts of the country. This is not new territory—Floating Sheep made the original bar/grocery map back in 2010—but there are some nice additions here. Specifically, Yau's data is… »5/29/14 2:52pm5/29/14 2:52pm

Where Do NHL Players Come From?

Sportchart has put together a neat series of maps on the birthplaces of active NHL, NBA, and MLB players. For most graphics like these the players are divvied up by country of origin, but—as you can see from the NHL dots above—this misses a lot of the nuance in the data. Specifically, U.S. players aren't evenly… »5/09/14 4:40pm5/09/14 4:40pm

What Parts Of The Country Get The Worst Weather Predictions?


When you check the day's temperature or see if it's going to rain on your way to work, the answer can vary widely depending on where you look. Luckily, the website ForecastAdvisor—which grades the accuracy of U.S. forecasting outlets such as The Weather Channel, National Weather Service (NWS), CustomWeather, and … »5/02/14 1:23pm5/02/14 1:23pm