A Sampling of the Gross Shit That Has Happened to My Body Since I Started Running

The first time I wondered if I was possibly doing something wrong was when, while watching TV, I absently reached down to the second toe on my right foot and realized that my entire toenail had detached itself and was hanging on by the thinnest of cuticles, like a dingy white flag. I pulled it off painlessly and… »10/09/15 4:05pm10/09/15 4:05pm


U.S. Champ Tyler Pennel Tells You How To Not Fuck Up Your First Marathon

Prior to Sunday, Tyler Pennel had never run a marathon. In fact, to prepare for 26.2 miles, the farthest the 26-year-old North Carolina resident had run was 23 miles in training. Didn't matter. Against some of the best (and almost certainly more experienced) runners in the country, Pennel didn't flinch or stumble in… »10/10/14 11:37am10/10/14 11:37am

Doping, Cheating, And Insta-Celebrity: The Story Behind The First Great Sports Action Photograph, Taken In 1908

I grew up in a home without a television. When my parents' TV went on the fritz, the story goes, they didn't bother to get it fixed. So my earliest visual sports memories came not from watching television, but from gawking at the photographs in oversized books like The Wonderful World of Sport. »7/19/12 4:35pm7/19/12 4:35pm

A Bicycle-Mounted LeBron James Photobombed The Miami Marathon

With traffic a mess as the Miami marathon wrapped up prior to tip-off against the Bulls, LeBron ditched the car and rode his bike to work. There's a debate going on over whether the whole thing was staged for PR purposes, so it's worth mentioning that LeBron hosts an annual charity bike-a-thon in Akron. Also worth… »1/30/12 2:25pm1/30/12 2:25pm